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Mandatory Metallica -- Oct. 21, 2008

Posted 10-21-2008 at 09:18 PM by mankvill
Sorry for the lack of MM updates. I'll do them a lot more often now!

Until It Sleeps
Suicide & Redemption

Didn't catch the first of Until It Sleeps, but man, I'm glad. If it was anything like the rest of the song, it was bad. Hetfield's vocals are pretty bad, but what is really bad here are the guitars. This song basically proves that Metallica and be a alt. rock band! Pass.

Suicide & Redemption is one of the 2 songs off of Death Magnetic that I honestly don't care for. Yeah, it's another instrumental track like the first records, but it really doesn't serve any purpose. Once again, until the halfway decent solo, it's just Metallica once again proving they can be a hard rock band. No metal in sight.

But really, can I stay mad at this nights Mandatory Metallica when the first Metallica song I fell in love with is on?! Battery is the song that got me into Metallica and had me start listening to the Mandatory Metallica program. Everything about it is fantastic. I dunno what else to tell ya.

Hopefully they throw it in the setlist as a surprise on Saturday!
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Sinfulsot's Avatar
i'm looking forward to your gig report.
Posted 10-28-2008 at 10:55 PM by Sinfulsot Sinfulsot is offline
Motograter_Ghost's Avatar
Creeping Death has always been a favorite of mine. Thrash metal at its finest. The beginning, DEH NEH NEH NEH NEH NAH NAH, DEH NEH NEH NEH NAH NEH NAH. James rips with the vocals, "SLAVES, HEBREWS BORN TO SERVE, TO THE PHARAOH" The guitar solo AMAZING, just shy of a min but feels like it could go on forever with its awsomeness and you thing SOB that had to hurt to play...lol.. Then chanting of, "DIE, DIE, DIE" and "DIE BY MY HAND, I CREEP ACROSS THE LAND, KILLING FIRSTBORN MAN". And the outro gives you a damn eargasim on the way out. This EPIC piece deff leaves me feeling purdy good. I was so happy to see it live in '08
Posted 08-12-2010 at 10:14 AM by Motograter_Ghost Motograter_Ghost is offline

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