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A journey into music from 1997 - 2012 part 2: The discovery of The Four Horsemen

Posted 09-04-2015 at 10:24 AM by MetalIsArt
Updated 09-04-2015 at 10:28 AM by MetalIsArt

Yes. Problem, Kerry King?

Seriously... back in 1999, I'd heard about Metallica, from One to Nothing Else Matters. They even played some of their biggest hits on normal radio stations.

A friend brought over S&M, and little did I know what a I was about to discover. A lifelong fan was born, skeptical, but loyal, committed and all that shit. I think this is the reason why I like something from their every era, songs on that record like -Human & Hero Of The Day just kick ass with that orchestra.

I'd seen the poster for Rock Werchter in that year, and nobody of course knew that that was going to be Newkid's last show with them in belgium... My parents didn't let me go because I was only 14, obviously, not because of my drinking habits!

But let's go back to something far more interesting, the true discovery of my favourite album, ever, by any band, in any genre...


I had a copied album and even though it didn't sound lound enough, it hit me like an iron fist. Fight Fire With Fire is still the best album opener, and Hetfield's lyrics as metal as metal as it's gonna get, with an almost demonic "we all shall die"... It's rare that I don't find any song bad or less on an album, and this is only one of 5 or so.

It's also the reason that I got into the bass guitar, along with Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton: Cliff entering Creeping Death kills you instantly, how much would I give to see a show with him!

I could go on about the artwork, Kirks melodic chops, the untroo Fade To Black, but he point was made: 1984 was here with a deadly strike.

More about 'tallica soon.
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