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Yeah, Amon Amarth was unfuckingbelievable. Even better than the first time I saw them I think, though the setlist was way too short.

The rest of the show was just about worthless, though. Sanctity are complete trash, and I thought Gojira were just terrible. There were a few times when their completely excessive rhythmic (i.e. chugga-chugga) riffs approached something resembling originality and art, but mostly it was just jigga-juggas and chugga-wuggas, with the same artifical harmonic gimmicks in every single song. And I was doubly disappointed because metal-archives has them down as "Death/Thrash metal," which is just completely and totally inaccurate from what I heard them play last night.

Bodom bored the hell out of me. SomewhereInTime (I can't remember your name dude haha) is right. Alexi sounded really sloppy, which isn't good for Bodom. And christ, it was all that Are You Dead Yet/HCDR chugga-chugga breakdown shit. I'm not much of a fan of their old stuff to begin with, but I would've enjoyed that stuff a hell of a lot more.

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