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Okay. I like Dio (I think that's pretty well established), but I think his lyrics are pretty iffy (I think that's also well established.)

The way I see it, Dio just isn't creative. Sorry, but he's beaten to death about every cliché in existence, he can't write metaphors, and he definitely takes himself far too seriously. Take Magica, for instace. It may be the worst story ever written. It's generic, cliché, and overly dramatic. So he puts it to music. Good grief.

Furthermore, it's well known that Dio is over 60. You're telling me that somebody who has spent their entire life traveling the world, meeting people, and jamming with great musicians has nothing better to write about than spiders, dragons, masters of the moon, and making the devil the cry?

Get real.

Dio's a lazy songwriter, a poor lyricist, and has admitted in interviews he doesn't even care to create new music anymore, and only does so he can tour. So while that makes it a bit easier to write off his recent albums, it still offers no excuse for the abomination that is "Sacred Heart" and the unholy curse upon this world that is the Dio's-face-in-a-crystal-ball introduction to the song live ("Come with me children as we cross the rainbow bridge.")
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