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In 7th grade, I was looking for a q-tip or something in the cabinet under the bathroom sink, which contained a box of my parents CD's. I saw a box with a cool cover on it, pictures of a crop circle with the shadow of a blimp, Andy Warhol style in multiple colors. It said 'Led Zeppelin' and I remembered hearing things about how great the band was. Before this, the only music I had gotten into was a few techno songs played on the radio, and cKy a year or so earlier.
So I opened the box, uploaded the 2 cd's onto the computer and put them back so no one would ever know they were gone. I started listening to all of it whenever I went on the computor, and I actually recognized a few songs like the Immigrant Song and Kasmir. The rest is history.

AC/DC was the next thing for me, and thats where it started going crazy. After having TNT and half of the Back in Black album stuck in my head from the radio for weeks, I bought Back in Black, and found Blizzard of Oz on the sale rack for 6.99. No more than 2 weeks later I was subconsciously forced to buy Paranoid, and I was hooked.
I kept going back for more Sabbath and AC/DC while still checking out different bands, Kiss, Hendrix, the Ramones and Van Halen.

Once I discovered Priest I began exploring metal, and without even realizing, doing it by each era, getting into heavier and more progressive material as time went on.
6/2 Baroness
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