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Originally Posted by overkiller View Post
(probably without much reason beyond the whole 1337 punk mindset)
The what?

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Classic Rock Magazine .
Greatest. Magazine. Ever.

Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Yeah, but you've gotta think in the context of those years.

In the 70's, there were just as many crappy radio rock bands as there are today, it's just that everyone has forgotten about them by now.
So the grass always looks greener on the other side. Years from now, people will still be into bands from our decade, remeniscing of when they saw their favorite band before they got big, and kids will wish that they could live in the "iPod era"

This is the truest shit ever. Its probably the reason for what I call the "Baby boomer nostalgia" popularity boost of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Who.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I've kind of noticed something. On most metal sites where people list their favorite bands, I find that many, many people prefer classic/heavy metal and power metal to anything else. I've seen so many people who say they love Nightwish. I just can't get into them.
I got into them, then got bored a few months later. I blame it squarely on the "Girl singer" novelty factor. They would rule so much harder if they cut down on the symphony shit and went the Deep Purple/Accept route.
and the singing dies down for just a second, right? Long enough for my dad to go "This is how they used to transport the Jews!"

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