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Dethklok -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 6th, 2008th

First Band was soilent green, I recently just got into them due to there new cd, so i only have partial setlist.
Soilent Green:
Mental Accuppuncture
For Lack Of perfect Words
A permenant Solution
I THINK they closed with later days.

Next up was chimaira. Me and my buddy went outside to smoke and came back in and they were almost on. Te Setchanges WERE REALLLY fast. Chimaira played an awesome show and sure had crowd attention.they played for a good 50 min or so.
Chimaira Setlist:
Pure Hatred
The Flame
Nothing Remains
No Reason To Live
Power Trip
Save Ourselves
Pleasure in Pain

DethKlok was on next. Once Again me and my buddy went outside to smoke came back in and shit was already set to go. Dethklok hit the stage with a cartoon playing behind them explaining that there was a guy trying to kill all the fans by a deadly gas. The whole dethklo performance was like one big metalocalypse show. it was great. The lghts were on the band but were always semi dark to keep vibe of cartoon in back. but on the last song the lights were fully on them and only a dethklok back drop was behind them. GREAT PERFORMANCE.
Dethklok Setlist:
Intro Video with epic introduction
Dethklok Theme Song
Briefcase Full of Guts
Brthday Dethday
Facebones "behind the scenes" video
Facebones video
Coffee Jingle
another video
Go Forth and Die
Another Video

Into The Water
All in all great sshow i hope REGARDLESS of the show dethklok continues to tour.
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