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Cattle Decapitation -- Lawrence, KS -- May 22nd, 2010

Cattle Decapitation:

The Gardeners Of Eden
A Body Farm
To Serve Man
Tooth Enamel & Concrete
Karma.Bloody.Karma (?)
One Thousand Times Decapitation (?)
Testicular Manslaughter
Regret & The Grave
Into The Public Bath


Pestilence Reigns
Dismantle The Dictator
Age Of Iniquity
Exhumed Identity



The Somatic Defilement
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
The Darkest Day Of Man

Cattle Decapitation: 9/10
Revocation: 9/10
Whitechapel: 1/10

Didn't stay for Job for a Cowboy. Review to come.
10/21 - Judas Priest
10/22 - Mastodong
10/23 - The Atlas Moth
10/27 - DJ Qbert
10/29 - Real Friends
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