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I was also present at this concert and here are my thoughts:

Fireball Ministry

-I have no idea what they did because I didnt show up in time.


-Sorry Hecho but this band was awesome! I have been looking forward to seeing them especially since Leviathan is my favorite album of the year and they didnt disappoint. They fully rocked out and I was totally impressed by drummer Brann Dailor. If you have listened to their albums you can hear that the drumming is phenomenal and in the live setting Brann didnt miss a beat. Bassist/Lead Vocalist Troy Sanders also did a great job. I liked how he mixed up the vocals from the studio versions. He moved around a lot and he engaged a lot with the crowd. Finally both guitarists Bill Kellhier and Brent Hinds were awesome playing their crushing riffs and leads. I swear that this band needs to explode on the metal scene and I will do my best to promot them. Their set list was the following (I could have sworn that they played one more song but I dont remember):

I Am Ahab
March of the Fire Ants
Where Strides the Behemoth
Iron Tusk
Blood and Thunder

Killswitch Engage

-I first saw this band live a couple of years ago and was not very impressed. I was given their new album for review and I liked a couple of songs but that was about it. I had no idea what kind of reception they would get especially from a Slayer crowd and I was totally surprised by what I saw. When they started I would say that half the amphitheater was filled up but by the time they ended I have to say that most of the place was there to see them and the majority liked what they saw. Of course, they played Rose of Sharyn which got a huge response and was dedicated to Dimebag (on a side note – What is it with all the sudden love for him? I am not criticizing or anything but I have never seen so many Pantera or Damageplan shirts at a metal concert before. It’s like the “in” thing right now in the metal community. It’s a tragedy what happened to him but I am not going to fake it and say that I loved his music. In my estimation it just seems that all of the sudden everyone was a fan of his music.)

-Anyways, so KSE did their thing and most people liked it. I had a better time watching the pit and I so hope more bands like KSE are teamed up with a band like Slayer because the pit action is very entertaining. Let me explain. I am sure that most of you have seen the way the hardcore kids mosh, its that kung-fu style. I think its lame and so do metal moshers. So it was funny to see the Slayer fans absolutely pounding these kung-fu kids.


-To put it plainly, there is no equivalent to a Slayer show. In my experience there is a total different vibe than any other show I have gone too. It’s more violent, meaner and energetic than anything else and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Well, the craziness began just before Slayer was going to hit the stage when the stage lights were turned off. By this I mean that from my vantage point I could see that in two different sections, fans rushed the pit area to get in and many were successful. During this time I literally saw fear in the eyes of some of the security staff as they were literally unprepared for this rush of people. They were able to gain control because of the help from fans who defused the situation. With that over, the focus was on Slayer and I have to agree with Hecho in the fact that they play too much of the new stuff. IMO, the last great Slayer album was Seasons in the Abyss, everything else has been subpar, and I want to hear more of their 80’s stuff especially from their first 2 albums. Why are they so neglected?

-From my recollection, the set list was pretty much the same as what has already been posted but honestly at one point I literally got bored and I think that I came to the realization that seeing Slayer live is no longer exciting or that I reached my fill. There are certain bands that I don’t have to see live or that I have already seen live and I don’t care to see them again and I think that has happened with Slayer. It’s not that they put a boring show or my disappointment with the set list, it’s the fact that it’s the same show every time with the same comments, same antics and same of everything. Hey Tom, how about you change your comments before “Necrophiliac”? I swear that it was exactly the same as what he says in the Still Reigning DVD.

-Finally, the rain of blood effect was not as good as I was hoping it to be. From my perspective, I could not even see it “rain”. All of the sudden Kerry, Jeff and Tom were soaked in “blood”.

Overall, the night was good and I am glad I went. Mastodon was definitely the highlight of the evening followed by the classic Slayer songs. I didn’t buy any gear because I can’t justify paying at least $30 for metal t-shirts anymore. I have the money but I want something different if I am going to buy gear.
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