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Morbid Angel -- Hollywood, CA -- September 23rd, 2011

This show would be my second time seeing Morbid Angel this year, which I feel quite lucky to say. For whatever reason they keep coming back to LA. Of course, I have absolutely no problem with them flying out here for a one off show, but it seems like an odd thing to do.

Anyway, I made the glorious two hour drive to Hollywood in stop-start rush hour traffic and arrived at the House of Blues about half way through Dreaming Dead's set. For those who do not know, Dreaming Dead is a female fronted melodic death metal band from the LA area. The last time I saw them I thought they were decent, but they had vastly improved this time. They mentioned they have a new album coming out soon, so I will make sure to look out for that. I strongly recommend checking them out!

After Dreaming Dead was Abigail Williams, a band I have seen far too many times now. Honestly, I've grown pretty tired of them. It's not that they're particularly bad or anything, there's just nothing that grabs me in their music. Their most recent album was a significant improvement over the debut, but still only mediocre. Their performance was good, but the vocals were way too loud in the mix. They were so loud that at times it was hard to hear the guitars. The set consisted of two songs from their first album and two from the new one. I'm not really sure why they chose to play two from the first album, because that material definitely wouldn't appeal to a death metal crowd. Not many people in the crowd seemed to be interested in them.
  1. The World Beyond
  2. Acolytes
  3. Final Destiny of the Gods
  4. Malediction

Once Abigail Williams was finished the floor quickly filled in. Sadistic Intent, one of California's earliest death metal bands, was to go on next. It was clear that a lot of people were there to see them, especially considering this was going to be their first show in almost a year. Once the lights went out the crowd cheered loudly and as soon as they started playing the pit exploded. They seemed pleased with the warm welcome they were receiving. They blazed through the first couple songs and then played a brand new one, which was equally as crushing. I was expecting them to be good, but they completely blew me away. They were the perfect opener for Morbid Angel. I wish they could have played longer, because six songs just doesn't do them justice. I wanted more! Hopefully I'll be able to see them again soon.
  1. Eternal Darkness
  2. Dark Predictions
  3. Demonic Immortality (new song)
  4. Condemned in Misery
  5. Untimely End
  6. Morbid Faith

Soon enough it was time for the Florida death metal legends to take the stage. When the backwards intro of "Immortal Rites" started playing the crowd started going insane. The crowd surfers were abundant and the pits were violent. After "Fall from Grace" David Vincent stood there looking into the audience saying "fuck yeah" away from the mic, impressed by the intensity of the crowd. By the time they got to "Maze of Torment" I felt like I had taken a shower in sweat. I had been in and out of the pit and headbanging uncontrollably while being smashed within the tide of the crowd. Needless to say, it was an awesome time. There are not many shows that have that kind of energy.

Their sound was noticeably better than at Scion Rock Fest. David's vocals sounded less forced and Tim's kick drums weren't horribly triggered. I was surprised to find that during the new songs there were actually a fair amount of people headbanging, even during "I Am Morbid". It actually isn't as bad live, although it is still much weaker than the rest of the set. After that they quickly recovered with "Angel of Disease", and then finished off the main set with my two favorites. During "Chapel of Ghouls" I crowd surfed and then returned to pit, which was in full force. By this time I felt absolutely drained, but when they returned for the encores I continued headbanging, despite feeling dizzy and tired. It was an incredible show with both Sadistic Intent and Morbid Angel exceeding my expectations. And it was nice to see srm90 again. Hope to see you at some more shows in the future!
  1. Immortal Rites
  2. Fall from Grace
  3. Rapture
  4. Pain Divine
  5. Maze of Torment
  6. Sworn to the Black
  7. Existo Vulgoré
  8. Nevermore
  9. I Am Morbid
  10. Angel of Disease
  11. Lord of All Fevers & Plague
  12. Chapel of Ghouls (w/ Trey solo)
  13. Dawn of the Angry
  14. Where the Slime Live
  15. Blood on My Hands
  16. Bil Ur-Sag
  17. God of Emptiness
  18. World of Shit (The Promised Land)

Oh, and sorry Logan, srm90 and I didn't take a picture for you.
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6.5 Discharge

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