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Childish Gambino - EP

Ok, I was having trouble deciding whether or not to include this, as it's not a full-length album, but I ended up deciding to count it anyway. I'm sure most people who would be interested in this have heard it already and such, but the gist is that this is Donald Glover (of Community and Derrick Comedy fame) rapping. Yeah that doesn't actually sound very good does it? That's what I thought before I listened to it, that I like what he does but I just couldn't imagine Gambino could be good.

Well, I was pretty fucking wrong when I ended up listening to basically the best collection of 5 rap songs I've heard in over 3 years. I'll admit I'm not too genre savvy, and my tastes generally fall in line with the more "old school" stuff which this is very much not. Still, I found myself pleasantly surprised with just how good this is. The lyrics still have that comedic edge to them a lot of the time which led a lot of people to not take him seriously, but I've always thought that plenty of good rap - like good metal - knows just when to be serious and when to be silly. Overall this is a very memorable group of songs that do not fail to entertain and kept me busy for a good deal of obsession early on in the year. The only failure here is that it's only 5 great (and short) songs so it can't possibly compare to other amazing albums that have twice as much great music.

Recommended Song:
"Freaks And Geeks" (like most of you haven't heard this lol)
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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