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oops skipped a day

Boris with Merzbow - Klatter

The second appearance Boris make on my list is their collaborative effort (one of many) with Merzbow from the Japanese Noise scene. This album represents a side of Boris (and their relatively frequent collabs with Merzbow) all fans would be more familiar with. This is a noisey droney album that does a lot of crazy things to your ears when you listen to it. Featuring a cover and alternate versions of 2 songs from Boris' magnificent 2003 album Akuma no Uta, you would think that this album lacks new material. But the AnU songs represented are wildly changed to the point that if it weren't for the same title or 1 or 2 trademark riffs noticed in them, they wouldn't be quite the same at all. This almost isn't a "new" album considering it was recorded in 2007, but it did remain unreleased for 4 years which makes it still quite fresh to hear. There's not much else to say about this album, it's just a 44 minute trip into the chaotic and blissful drone, making occasional stops at RockTheFuckOut Avenue.

Recommended Song:
"Akuma No Uta" (I choose this song because it's fucking awesome, no matter how many different variations it has appeared in.)
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