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Moving on to the top 20!
The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony


I've always been a fan of soundtrack music generally speaking, and I love lots of film soundtracks and happen to have a big gigantic soft spot for Video Game soundtracks, particularly the Zelda series. A lot of people love that music too, for good fucking reason. This came as a bonus to a fucking game, and I decided it was good enough to include, and pretty damn high up at that. This takes so many classic Zelda themes and arranges them - splendidly, at that - into pure orchestral goodness and actually dropped my jaw when I first decided to give it a spin.

With two 10+ minute songs that cover entire games in medleys, while not sounding cheesy or unfulfilling in the slightest - this whole set is holyshitawesome. It comes with the game, if you get the bundle edition, and if you don't want the game but like Zelda music even the tiniest bit you should at least pirate it. Some people might say this doesn't count as a "real" album, and to that I say: Fuck you. This is awesome. And I ain't lying.

Recommended song:
"Great Fairy's Fountain Theme" (not too fond on linking a 10:30 length song as a sample so this is fantastic as well)
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