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Haha, yes! I am not alone!

Stratovarius - Elysium

In their follow up to 2009's comeback-ish album Polaris, Stratovarius basically repeat what they did on their last album, but a little more consistently. I consider it pretty awesome that a band who left a historical impact on power metal in the past can lose their main songwriter, and then have their next two albums be better than their previous two. Despite losing Timo Tolkki, who was once the driving force behind the band, Stratovarius have for 2 albums straight now proved that they still have what it takes to write great power metal in their trademark style.

There are a couple of noticeable differences in a few heavier riffs, and an increase in keyboard-oriented moments that older Strato didn't feature as often, not to mention closing with a song so epic in length that it dwarfs other Stratovarius "epics". In this way, it still compares more to Polaris than any other album, but on Elysium the high points are lower, and the low points are higher, which is more consistent, but ultimately a tad less exciting. Still, an incredibly solid power metal album from a classic band with a signature sound. It may not be Visions, but it can stand alongside it proudly.

Recommended song:
"Infernal Maze"
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