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Good to know I "helped" someone!


You can sort of tell from the album title, but this album is very KMFDM. With WTF?! the German industrial group bring the Ultra Heavy Beat just as hard as ever. Their style remains somewhat generic, yet completely unique to themselves (I guess because no one blends typical electronic music with typical metal quite like they manage to). It's a little bit more guitar and riff-oriented this time around, but that doesn't change much of the formula. Somehow they keep marching on as they always do, and they (and their music) manages not to get tired in any way.

There are moments when they stray from their trademark sound, especially the closing number which is quite slow and somewhat trippy. The odd part is that the strongest songs still are the most typical ones, because they just pull them off so damn well. They sometimes sound like metal (or heavy rock I suppose) with a high amount of synths, or dancey electro with sick riffs. It's tough to discern really! It's just another great album that is pretty dark sounding, while being simultaneously danceable and headbangable. In my eyes, that's good shit.

Recommended song:

I was going to post another song but I can't seem to find many on youtube, sorry. Well chances are you've heard this if you're into it.
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