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As I'm getting a bit tired of the economic discussion of how Tom G Warrior's semen equates to roughly 200 euros, I'm going to continue with the next entry in my list.

Megadeth - TH1RT3EN

Depite me ranking it pretty damn high, I have to come out and say that this album is quite a disappointment. Half of that may be the fact that it has one of the worst album titles of all time, but a more notable half of it is the obvious rushedness of the albums music. I mean, a pretty damn decent amount of songs on this album is music that Megadeth fans have known for YEARS, as previous bonus tracks. And the album lacks the musical depth and complexity that other Megadeth works have. And it makes sense, as Megadeth's last album for Roadrunner, they just want to get the fuck out of being on that label.

Now, I know I just said a lot of bad things, but really those are just reasons why this album is number 16 instead of in the top 10 like their last album, Endgame, was. Every song on this album is good. Some are even awesome. It's not as thrashy as Endgame, but still quite reminiscent of Countdown to Extinction, rather than a legitimately bad Megadeth album like Risk. And even though I complain about the inclusion of old songs, they are all really good songs and seem to fit rather well on the album stylistically. As per usual Dave Mustaine flair, the lyrics in more political subjects tend to dive into "wtf r u talkin bout bro" territory - and as usual this still fails to take away from the song.

Perhaps this album is a testament to Dave Mustaine's strength when it comes to songwriting. Even on a rather obviously rushed release, where it's arguably "phoned in," the songs turn out to be pretty awesome. Or maybe it's just a testament to how much I personally mesh with his songwriting style. Either way it's a testament to something, and I like that.

Recommended songs:
"Sudden Death"
"Public Enemy No. 1"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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