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Anthrax - Worship Music

After listening to this album, I felt like I owed Anthrax an apology. After going 8 years without making a new album, and following ridiculous lineup changes - I genuinely expected this record to suck. All my bad expectations outweighed the return of Joey Belladonna to the band (partly, because I think John Bush was also a fantastic singer). Having heard it, I realized I could not have been more wrong. While not a complete thrash album like Among the Living, this album contains a decent dose of thrash riffs behind a very strong traditional metal package. The riffs, songwriting, singing, and overall sound of the album conveys a band still in their prime, rather than a band whose best work is almost 25 years old.

The album does have a few segue tracks, which honestly I could take or leave because they don't add much to the music as a whole - but all of the full length songs are great metal tunes. When I put this album on, I find myself headbanging excitedly from the first moments of "Earth on Hell" to the last moments of "Revolution Screams." It is honestly beyond any expectation I could have that this abum completely lacks dull moments. Worship Music, manages to display Anthrax shoving away Slayer, Metallica, and even Megadeth to prove themselves as the most relevant of the "big four" thrash bands.

Recommended songs:
"The Devil You Know"
"The Giant"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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