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Childish Gambino - Camp

This will probably be the most unpopular choice I've put on this list. Admittedly, of the albums that made my top 25, it's the most recent addition and the one that I've had the least opportunities to listen to - and thus the album I'm least sure about the standing of. Still as of now, I simultaneously think that #12 is a fair spot for it, while considering it one of the greatest disappointments of the year (after Heritage I guess). First the bad before the good. EP was an amazing tiny little bundle of songs - and I was honestly hoping that Camp would turn out to be this mythical awesomeness of that EP multiplied almost 3 times. This is very much not the case, because where EP was a little drop of concentrated awesome - Camp is a giant pool of rap that contains more total awesome, but spreads it out much further along the way.

This album is an expansion - it takes everything and makes more of it, which is meh in some cases and great in others. At times the production is so over the top that it becomes distracting on what is supposed to be a rap album, at times the songs rely on Donald Glover's (passable, but not so good) singing uncomfortably too much. However, ultimately I feel that the amount of times where the aforementioned issues actually work dwarfs the amount of times it doesn't. A certain infamous review* of this album criticizes the lyrical content and the Childish Gambino persona established on this album. However as someone would would be able to seriously enjoy a metal song about worshiping the cock of Satan, I find these criticisms to be largely irrelevant and in fact falling for one of the worst musical traps that exist - judging a creation by the creator.

Ultimately, I put Camp here because of how much I enjoyed it as an album fits around here. I liked it the most of the hip-hop albums I've heard this year, more so than any of the Odd Future related releases (though admittedly, Goblin only slightly falls short of making my top 25). As such, I don't think it's a stretch to say that the hip-hop album I enjoyed the most this year falls firmly at #12.

Recommended songs:
"All The Shine" (softer more singy song where it actually works)
"You See Me" (dat third verse)

*side note: my favorite part is that the longest paragraph of the review is dedicated entirely to taking offense that a single line on the album carries the implication that indie music is not exactly equally popular among all races
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."

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