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Evergrey - Glorious Collision

When I first heard this album, I thought "AOTY" to myself. Granted, it was an extremely early release in the year (one of the first 5 albums I got around to listening to in 2011) - so if you told me it wouldn't be #1 by end year I wouldn't be too surprised. If you told me it would only be #9, I would've pooped myself and that's what I'm doing right now thinking about how low it is. To elaborate: I don't like this album any less than when I first heard it, in fact I kind of like it even more. This is an album of high enough quality to be called Album of the Year. For most years that aren't 2011. This is my favorite year period since I've been actively following new releases in music (since roughly 2006), so unlucky Evergrey had 8 albums I just liked even more than Glorious Collision.

On to the album itself, Glorious Collision is Evergrey doing what they do best. They have their own brand of both emotionally and musically heavy progressive metal with just a hint more power metal influence than other prog metal bands. In a sense it is a step back for them in terms of style, but for Evergrey this is a good thing. While still a pretty good album, I consider 2006's Monday Morning Apocalypse to be the weakest point of their career, sacrificing too much of the softer and melodic aspects of the band to further their heavier side. In that sense, each album since has been a small step back and that leaves Glorious Collision as one of their best albums, possibly their best since In Search of Truth. Glorious Collision is fantastically heavy, beautifully melodic, and emotionally powerful on each and every song. Tom S. Englund is one of the best singers in the modern metal scene. Seriously.

Recommended songs:
"To Fit The Mold"
"The Phantom Letters"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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