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M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

And now for something completely different. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is a double album by the French electronic/dream pop/80s pop worship band M83. If that description doesn't really sound good to you, then you can probably skip over this one. If you think it sounds kind of great, like I do, then you probably would love this album. Spanning 2 discs and 22 songs (plus one downloadable extra "interlude" track), HUWD is one hell of a journey to listen to. It brings out excitement, happiness, beauty, a lot of atmosphere, and even the rare mournful moment.

At 22 songs, HUWD features a lot of short "segue" or "filler" songs. But anyone familiar with M83's previous work knows that this is not a bad thing in anyway. I believe there are 3 types of the short segue/filler song: 1. A song that actually disrupts the flow of the album (BAD.) 2. A song that while unnecessary to the album as a whole, sounds kind of nice and doesn't take away from the experience (see the segue tracks on Worship Music for a recently mention example of this), and 3. Those that are so integral to the album that despite not being full length songs, the album as a whole would greatly suffer without their presence. Every single short song on HUWD is that third type. This is an achievement considering just how many of them there are. And the full length songs are fantastic, containing a lot of variety. Some are dancey electronic pop songs, some are borderline rock or acoustic, and some are quiet blissful ballads. Every song is somehow synthetic, yet completely organic. This album itself is an wondrous achievement and absolutely deserving of being called one of the best of the year... in fact such praise almost feels small.

Recommended songs:
"Intro" (soundcloud link, lol)
"Soon, My Friend" (This is basically how the shorter tracks are)
"Year One, One UFO"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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