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Boris - Attention Please

This was the album that made me think "oh hell, I am gonna listen to a lot of music this year..." when I heard it. Likewise this is the year that solidified harder than ever that Boris are definitely one of my favorite bands ever. This album is not metal in any way, almost less so than New Album (don't worry the next few are pretty damn metal). It's pretty unique sounding pop music hybridized with noise music and the other expected sounds Boris like to bring to the table. If I could compare it to an earlier album, I'd say it sounds a lot like their previous Wata(aka the hottie)-led album, Rainbow. Except it's even better this time.

I can't describe this album and what's good about it really. Some songs are airy and other songs are real toe-tappy. It's definitely a lax listen. It's just a great sonic experience if you ask me. Hard to describe but one of the best things to just put on and listen to and feel great about it. I guess that's why I love Boris, they're all about more than just songwriting and riffs or whatever but just about creating something that sounds awesome and crazy no matter what they do. Attention Please exemplifies that.

Recommended songs:
"Attention Please"
"Party Boy" (significantly better than the New Album version IMO)
"Tokyo Wonderland"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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