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Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions

This is probably the easiest album to talk about on my list. If you like metal at all, you probably know who Arch Enemy are by now. This sounds like Arch Enemy. Their sound changes in subtle ways at best. However, this made it easy for me to notice that in terms of straight quality, this album is absofuckinglutely superb. This goes beyond the limit of any Arch Enemy album since their decade-previous melodeath masterwork Wages of Sin. The riffs, melodies, solos, and just everything about the songs are basically the same thing Arch Enemy have done for the past 10 years.... but also the best versions of them they've come up with in 10 years.

I honestly wasn't expecting to put this album so high on my list. Being not remotely innovative, and of a style I've been mostly drifting away from in my preferences, my expectations for Khaos Legions was just to be of acceptable quality. After one listen I was basically left with my jaw on the floor from hearing a melodeath album that impressed me more than I've been impressed by the genre in... well, a really long time. There's nothing new about this album, and it's only unique in one way. It may not offer any unfamiliar sounds, but it's uniqueness is just its raw quality which is off the fucking charts in terms of the sheer awesomeness this album brings.

Recommended songs:
"Through The Eyes of a Raven"
"Cruelty Without Beauty"
"Thorns In My Flesh"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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