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Boris - Heavy Rocks

Finally my top 5 comes around. Starting us off is Boris' 2011 successor to their 2002 album also called Heavy Rocks. It's not the same album, and not even too similar to it's predecessor, but it still is the most logical "next" album for the band of the 4 releases they made this year, sounding like a mix of 2008's Smile, the previous Heavy Rocks, and a little bit of "not sure where that came from but it's definitely Boris." The 2011 Heavy Rocks has a wide variety of music on it, despite being perfectly described by its album title as heavy rock. Some songs are straight up headbanging rockers that can excite the listener to their very core, while others have the airy slow and sludgy heaviness with a melodic core that Boris love to explore. Other songs are almost pop-like with their catchiness but still maintain quite a degree of heaviness and metallic sonic bliss. And then after all that the album culminates by ending with a one and a half minute complete thrash metal face melter. Yeah, this album gets a lot of awesome shit done.

Boris may not have taken my album of the year, but if such a thing were possible they would take my vote for band of the year. Heavy Rocks is an amazing effort by an amazing band, and one of their best albums ever... ever. This is not the kind of music that was good for the year but eventually you stop hyping, this kind of music is timeless. It's absolutely bizarre that this album doesn't get to stand on the top of my list, but that only means there's 4 more to go who's beautiful genitals I can worship even harder.

Recommended songs:
"Jackson Head"
"Missing Pieces"
"So yeah, monkey prostitution has happened."
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