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Amorphis - The Beginning of Times

Amorphis are one of my all time favorite bands. I don't mean this as a way of saying I like them a lot, I mean that for me there's Maiden, Crimson, Priest, and then you've got Amorphis. Historically, as a band they have shifted style plenty of times, while still having a unique Finnish folk+metal core that is pretty tiny... but noticeable. Since acquiring their current singer, Tomi Joutsen in 2005 and releasing Eclipse in 2006, these guys have been on a storm of amazing music that most bands will never achieve. Of the four albums since 2006, The Beginning of Times is one of the best, and possibly the best. Doing what is kind of their 'thing' TBOT is another concept album based on Finnish mythology. ....But that barely even matters to be quite honest.

Each song here is amazing in it's own way and contributes to the album as a whole being an incredibly satisfying listen. Some songs are particularly "epic", even for Amorphis, notably the opening and closing tracks, but most of the songs are standard modern Amorphis in style, weaving back and forth from crushingly heavy to soft and melodic as Tomi Joutsen manages to absolutely bellow monstrous and intense (yet controlled) growls and seamlessly transition into beautiful crooning. Yeah, that 'standard' style is actually unique and fantastic prog metal and in no way disappointing. But this album has "more" to it. Some of the heavier moments and songs are their most headbangiest mindfucking things they've written since their (almost) pure death metal debut The Karelian Isthmus, and the lead single "You I Need" is probably their poppiest/catchiest/simplest yet awesome song yet (MAYBE Eclipse's "House of Sleep" comes close). Very few bands can have such a trademark sound and manage to never get stale, but even fewer bands can manage to make it super fresh and exciting every time. The Beginning of Times is even better than that.

Recommended songs:
"Battle For Light"
"Song Of The Sage"
"Crack In A Stone"
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