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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
bring on #1 dammit!

Pete Davis - The Pottsville Conglomerate

After I got Road Salt Two out of the way, I cared a bit less about trying not to let the voting thread spoil my list because I doubt many (or any) people here have heard this album anyway, and it's not metal. It's also better than any metal album I've heard this year by a fairly wide margin. With a massive 16 songs, The Pottsville Conglomerate is an epic album in every sense of the word. Pete Davis is just one guy who recorded and wrote everything himself over the course of several years, describing his music as "orchestrated acoustic." That's a pretty good summary of his sound but misleading on both parts - it's "orchestrated" in the sense of bombastic arrangements and meticulous use of many instruments and countermelodies rather than with instruments from an orchestra (though the cello is used in many songs), and "acoustic" is true most of the time but there are a few times it lies considering how common the clean electric guitar is on the album (and even electronic drums in "A Bathhouse for Bloodhounds"!).

Being a concept(ish?) album, there are a few repeating lyrical and musical themes over the album... and that's awesome. Despite being twice as long as an album that could be considered normal length, this helps it feel like one cohesive package, and never ever ever gets to be boring or repetitive (most songs don't even have choruses) anything like that despite it's length. Sound-wise this album is kind of out of place on my list, being most comparable to other indie rock acts like Anathallo and Sufjan Stevens (only merely "ok" in my eyes), but Pottsville pulls out a level of awesome songwriting and performance that I feel other artists in the genre have yet to accomplish. Pete Davis used pretty much every instrument he could get his hands on... and used it well, from the oh-so-prominent accordion, to ukelele, to stomps and claps. Every one of the many melodies in Pottsville accomplishes something special, whether it be joyous or mournful, it's always passionate. I know this is not going to be everyone's "thing" here, but I still think it's worth a listen for all of you because it's amazing to the point of breaking genre boundaries and climbing to my #1 spot without a care in the world. Like if you listen to this album and you don't think the "TAKE MEEE-E-E-EEEEEE" at the climax towards the end of "Behemoth" is one of the greatest moments you've heard in music, you need to go to an ear doctor. To get euthanized. It's godly.

Recommended songs:
"What Does Your Heart Do?"
"A Bathhouse For Bloodhounds"
"What Does Your Blood Do?"

also actually just listen to the whole album when you have an hour and a half to spare honestly, it's streaming on his bandcamp and it's fantastic.
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