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Top 10 Live Acts of 2011

Honorable Mentions
Giant Squid
Red Fang

10. Yob w/Dark Castle, Dispirit, Worm Ouroboros. @ 924 Gilman

The main reason I went to this show were for the openers, but I left digging Yob the most. What can I say? They're the heaviest band I've seen since Sleep. The absolutley destroyed the place with their awesome riffs.
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9. Ozzy Osbourne w/Slash @ HP Pavilion

Ozzy is a mad man. He's extremely entertaining to watch, and he still sounds great. Along with an awesome band, and a good sense of what the people want to hear, Ozzy was a great time.

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8. Soundgarden w/The Mars Volta @ Bill Graham Center

I wasn't really all too excited so see Soundgarden at first, but after being blown away by The Mars Volta after being so sure they'd just suck again, I had nothing but good feelings about Soundgarden. And for good reason too. They played all of my favorites tunes, and plenty of other really heavy material to accompany that. Cornell sounded great, and the rest of the band ripped it up.
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7. Protest the Hero w/Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Tesseract @ Slim's

After putting out another awesome record, I was really excited to see Protest the Hero. They were an amazingly energetic band. Once they started, the crowd erupted. They played a lot of my favorite tunes and Rody was hilarious as usual. Wish they played longer than an hour though...
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6. Cormorant w/ In Virtue, Solaria, other local bands @ The Phoenix Theater

Cormorant at my all time favorite venue. How was I not going to absolutley love this? While they may have played longer when I saw them earlier in the year with Giant Squid, I actually recognized the some of the songs they played this time around. With a set that included at least one song off each of their releases, they blazed through some of the best 30 minutes of 2011.
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5. Symphony X w/Powerglove, Blackguard @ Regency Ballroom

The main reason I went to this show was so see Powerglove, a band I had been dying to see for 4 years. And while their set was awesome, Symphony X was much, much better. Michael Romeo and Russell Allen are incredible, as is the rest of the group. Hearing them rip threw the Odyssey was also magnificent
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4. Foo Fighters w/Cage the Elephant, Mariachi El Bronx @ Oracle Arena

Foo Fighters were just incredibley fun. They played almost 3 hours, blasting through extremely catchy rock tunes and had everybody in the crowd singing along. Dave Grohl is a great showman.
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3. Between the Buried and Me w/Animals as Leaders, Tesseract @ The Fillmore

Between the Buried and Me are put on a extremely captivating show. Running threw 10 minute + songs left and right, they showcased both great musicianship and showman ship. Hearing Viridian/White Walls live was just awesome.
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2. Judas Priest w/BLS, Thin Lizzy @ Concord Pavilion

It was sad that this would be the only time that I get to see Judas Priest, but the show was intense. The band can still play as good as ever, and Rob Halford is just a something other than human. His voice is still incredible. They covered material from their whole discography, had a great stage show, and a great set-list. I will remember this night forever.
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1. Mastodon w/DEP and Red Fang @ The Warfield

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that my favorite band was my favorite performance from 2011. They played a great set that covered all of their full-lenghts and this was probably the best I've heard them. Something that made this special was I didn't know the setlist before hand, so it was great to be surprised by songs like I Am Ahab. Phenomenal performance!
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5/28 Pentagram/King Woman
7/15 Dragged Into Sunlight/Primitive Man
8/10-12 Migration Fest
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