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Death To All -- San Francisco, CA -- June 22nd, 2012

After the tradition of having dinner at Mel's, I, along with my dad and friend Alex, hopped on over to the regency for a celebration of one of the best musicians to have ever roamed this earth, Chuck Schuldiner. We arrived after doors had opened, but there weren't too many people, so we were able to snag some rail to the left of the stage. After talking it up with some fellow concert attendees, Gorguts started at about 9.

As I've already mentioned on here, I really wasn't that big on Gorguts walking into the venue. In my opinion, their first couple albums are good, but nothing grand, and I can't for the life of me get into their aclaimed album, Obscura. But when they started, I couldn't resist bobbing my head and getting into it. They sounded pretty great. Their heavy and frantic sound was pulverizing and I couldn't help but bang my head. It could've been because the bass was high in the mix or because I was in front of the bassist, but I could hear the bass loud and clear and the tone was delicious. All the musicians were really impressive, and Luc's vocals were top notch. After seeing Gorguts tear the place apart, I may have to revisit theirs studio works


After more waiting, the lights dimmed and the old school Death logo came from the projector and everybody showed their excitement vocally. The first batch of musicians came on and once they played the first few notes of Zombie Ritual, the place blew up. Hearing Leprosy was also a treat, as I got to show of my disco moves during the shuffle beat in the song. Eveybody on the stage played with full enthusiasm and were obviously having great fun. They obviously really cared about making this a great ode to Death and put in their all. When they weren't giving the metal face, a smile was present on every single musician's face. As mentioned, the first four musicians on stage were Charles Elliott, Steve DiGiorgio and the dudes from Cynic. I think Paul was probably my favorite musician the whole night to watch because he was just full of energy and was happy as could be to be playing these songs. He was running all over the stage, getting close to the crowd and shredding his way through the songs with a smile on his face the whole time. Everybody sounded great and did all the song justice. When Gene Hoglan hopped on drums for Suicide Machine, the crowd went wild. There was lots of love for Gene, and for a good reasonl; he's fucking incredible. I saw him in 2009 with Dethklok and was really impressed, but this performance blew that out of the water. He played like champ! Charles Elliott was also really good. Sure, his vocals are really guttural and aren't all that similar to Chuck's, but he was giving the songs a little of his own personality and he sounded awesome while doing it. Also, he's a kickass guitar player. A nice treat was Danny Walker playing drums on Secret Face along with Shannon joining the band. Wattching Steve was exciting, because he's one of my favorite bass player. The way he works that fretless beast is nothing short of magical. He sounded awesome the whole time he was up on stage, and his solo during the Philospher was one of the highlights of the night for me. And it was during that song that they switched vocalists. Although I was bummed that the guy from Obscura couldn't make it, Matt Harvey was an excellent replacement. He's an awesome guitar player and his vocals are great. When Scott joined in on bass for the second time, I knew they'd start playing material off the last two albums, and starting that portion of the show with Bite the Pain was great! That's one of my favorites songs of TSOP. The rest of that part of the set was fucking magnificent for obvious reasons(Symbolic and The Sound of Perserverance kick dicks!). Busting out Voice of Soul was really cool, not only because the song is beautiful but it was a much needed break from the insanity of the crowd during the set prior to that. There was a constant crowd push and and crowd surfers were abundant. They brought Charles and Steve back out and Craig from Forbidden joined them to play Living Monstrosity, which was sweet! That's one of the best songs from the Death discography. Then everybody got back on stage to play one last song. Although I was hoping it'd be Spirit Crusher, Pull the Plug was nice. It was cool they ended the set with one of the songs from the earlier portion of Death's discography. Overall, the set was probably one of the coolest things I've seen live and a great experience. Seeing some of my favorites musicians among other awesome ones playing some of my favorite music was an absolute pleasure. I'm so glad I got to experience this because I'm not too sure it'll happen that often after these five scheduled dates.

Only complaints about the show are (concerning band) lack of Spirit Crusher), and the Regency once again having stage left too low in the mix. I often couldn't hear solos too well unless the solos were really high up on the mix. Also, bass could've been higher in the mix. The more Steve I hear the better.

Zombie ritual
Within the mind
Torn to pieces
Left to die
Suicide machine
Lack of comprehension
Flattening of emotions
Secret face
The philosopher
Trapped in a corner
overactive imagination
Bite the pain
Zero tolerance
1000 eyes
Crystal mountain
Flesh an the power it holds
A moment of clarity
Voice of soul
Living monstrosity
Pull the plug

Source is me and pic of first 9 songs.

After that I got a Death To All poster and Sean Reinert came out to sign shit so I got my poster signed by him .

Gorguts: 8.5/10
Death To All: 10/10
5/28 Pentagram/King Woman
7/15 Dragged Into Sunlight/Primitive Man
8/10-12 Migration Fest

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