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Agalloch -- San Francisco, CA -- August 11th, 2012

After spending some time and in Rasputin Music and buying some quality albums, we made out way out of a hellish parking garage on went on an odyssey to find another parking area near The Great American Music Hall. After tons of on street teases(spots that looks like parking spots but really weren't), we found a garage that didn't burn the wallet and made our way to the venue. I got the tickets from will call, which made me feel like a grown-up, we made our way into the venue. I didn't bother with merch because I already have and Agalloch shirt from last time they were in town. We made our way near the front, about a row back or two. I was chillin' for a bit talking to my buddies when I noticed some of the Cormorant dudes were chillin' near the back, so I went over and started some conversation. They were all really chill dudes and fun to talk to. Really cool, down to earth dudes. Hopefully they play an all ages show in the near future. Right when the lights dimmed and the video for Taurus was starting up, I shook hands with the Cormorant dudes and made my way back with my peeps up front and prepared my self for Taurus

There seems to be a lot of talk concerning this band's set. Some people seem to hate it and others love it. I'm kind of neutral. This band is more on the drone side of things and drone is a style that I am not really passionate about in any way. I'll give props to the gals in Taurus for creating a pretty cool vibe with all the fog, sloooow riffs and the creepy video. The guitar tone was delicious too. I'll also give 'em props for being able to perform this kind of music. It must take a lot of rehearsal because the riffs drone out for god knows how long, it music be kind of hard to remember when to start a new riff and stuff like that. The only gripe I had with the band was during the first movement of their set, when the drummer just started doing a shit load of fills. It kind of interrupted the mood. Overall, by far not the worst set, but not really the most impressive.

Not much happened during the time in-between Taurus and Agalloch. I tried to meet up with Onioner but there were too many people between me and him for him to just squeeze through without being a butthole. So other then that it was just watching Agalloch set up their tree stump, candles, incense and banners, along with musical equipment and then waiting for them to start.

When Agalloch did start, Haughm got on stage, play a chord and then let the guitar sustain as he lit up some more candles. After that, the rest of the band hopped on stage and they played sort of an intro jam then started into the set. Agalloch were really phenomenal. They sounded absolutely great and played like champs. Like last time they played, there wasn't too much stage banter in between songs, which I can dig, because the more time they spend playing the better. I the members with the most stage presence are for sure Haughm and Anderson. The bass player is just kind of there doing his thing, but he sounded good and had a good tone so I ain't complaining. Only thing I can really complain about was that some times, Aesop's fills felt like a little much, but whatever. Every time the band stopped and took a little break in between songs, one guy would persist to yell "NOT UNLIKE THE WAVES! NOT UN LIKE THE FUCKING WAVES!" and at one point about half way through the set John yelled back "Not gonna happen!" which was funny. Although a little disappointing, because that song kicks dicks, I wasn't mad because I saw it last time. After the played Kneel to the Cross, the left the stage, giving the crowd a few minutes of suspense before they returned to the stage for the encore. In this time, some dipshit hipsters came to the conclusion that they wouldn't play an encore and a few times said "It's not gonna happen" and left. Joke's on them because I got their spots and it did happen. Their encore was fantastic and ended the set perfectly. After they finished Bloodbirds, they just let it sit for a while, let the crowd interact a little bit. The bass player let some of the dudes in the front to hit the strings on his bass as Haughm was grabbing all the things on his tree stump and hitting the strings with those to prolong the noise. After that sit for like, 5-6 minutes, they brought to a stop by just letting the guitar ring for a bit then slowly cutting it off. Agalloch put on a super solid set and it all sounded great. These cats never disappoint.


Ghost of Midwinter Fires
Faustian Echoes
Falling Snow
Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
As Embers Dress the Sky
You Were But A Ghost In My Arms
In the Shadow Of Our Pale Companion
Kneel to the Cross
Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
Our Fortress Is Burning... I
Our Fortress Is Burning... II - Bloodbirds
Our Fortress Is Burning... III - The Grain

After the set, I met up with Onioner and we talked for a bit. Super chill dude! Then John Haughm came out and I had a quick with word with him and got my setlist double checked, as I wasn't too familiar with the Pale Folklore material. So the setlist is John Haughm approved

Taurus: 7/10
Agalloch: 9/10
4/25 Whirr/Wild Moth
10/10-11 California Deathfest

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