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You know, I was going to write a longer-than-needed introduction to the events that occurred before I arrived to Thee Parkside for the Vektor show, but fuck that I'm just going to go straight into this epic show.

I got into the venue and a little after that Vektor was setting up merch. After mush discussion amongst me and me two buddies who I came to the show with about the two t-shirts Vektor had to offer, my pal purchased an Outer Isolation t-shirt and I got my Black Future t-shirt. Shirts were only $15 and all I had was $20 bills, so I gave a $20 to Erik who was manning the station and told him to keep the change. He didn't feel as if he was in the position to take the $5 extra, but I insisted, because I had been waiting 2 years to finally see these guys and I felt like being a generous guy. After talking with Erik for a bit about stuff, we 3 entered the show room for the first band of the night

Apocryphon started the night with some pretty cool death/grind. The second guitarist in the band was out getting married, so they had a sign with the dude's phone number on it so people could text him congratulations. Apocryphon as a band were pretty tight. They all sounded great and the vocalist had some stage presence. Unfortunately though, he wasn't quite getting back the energy he putting out so about half way through the performance he started to look kind of bored and to distract himself from being bored, he'd jump in the pit area and reignite the almost dead pit a couple times. But both times he did it were kind of douchy, because one time he ran straight into a kid who was doing something on his phone, which caused him to drop it and I guess part of the screen broke and the second time he ran straight into a couple who didn't want part of it. Also, there was this one guy in the pit who was just way to drunk to function. He was falling all over the place and when he'd mosh about it was almost like a crossover of hardcore dancing and moshing where he'd essentially start his ran then flail his arms, which got really old really quick. Other than that though, Apocryphon's music sounded really good and it was fun.

After Apocryphon the drunk guy mentioned before was kicked out of the venue. I didn't really mind but it seemed a little harsh because he didn't really start any shit, he was just really shitfaced. After getting some water, the 3 of us walked out side and I ran into Onioner and we talked for a bit. Always cool hanging out with a fellow forumer. Our discussion ended as the next band Hatchet started.

Hatchet are a Bay Area thrash band so they immediately were meet with a better response than Apocryphon. But I honestly can't really say all that much about 'em myself. They weren't bad by any means - the songs were catchy, the guitar work was really cool with lots of harmonized leads and solos(!), and they band was super tight - but the music itself that they were playing was kind of just typical Bay Area thrash and a lot of it was kind of samey, which only made their set more of a waiting game for Vektor. Nothing against these guys, but it's just my interest in plain thrash metal dwindling.

After Hatchet, I got up to the rail and watched as Vektor was setting up, dying of anticipation. Time was passed by talking to my buddies and looking at Vektor's gear. Then the lights dimmed and it was time.

Two days after their performance, I'm still pretty speechless when I think about the show. That's how fucking good Vektor are. They posses pretty much everything you'd want from a band. Awesome tone/sound? Check. Mastery of their material? Check. Great stage presence? Check. Awesome looking equipment? Check. Just the right amount of stage banter? Check. Anything else you can think of that I can't think of right now because I'm done with this little segment? Check.

The whole set was just pure ecstasy. Every song was fucking great, the dudes who visually having a fucking awesome time on stage, and the crowd was delivering the same vibe. There was tons of awesome crowd interaction that the show seemed almost casual. Like a band playing a small show for their best friends or something. It was just a positive experience all around. I went crazy the whole time, screaming all the lyrics I knew(which really isn't all too much) and headbanging when they weren't soloing, because when they were soloing was I doing the guitar-solo-appreciation fingers. You know what I'm talking about. Everybody there was having a fun time. And on top it all off, moshing was actually at its lowest during Vektor, which made it a lot more enjoyable not having to be rammed into the guardrail the whole time. I can't really there were any highlights in the set, because even when they were playing my favorite songs, I enjoyed those just as much as I did any of the other tracks. The shit was just so good. After their set, the crowd demanded one more song, and after getting the okay from the venue, they gave us one last hoorah. At the end of Asteroid, the best 90 minutes of my 2012 ended. Not to sound negative or whatever, but nothing else I've done this year and nothing else I'm doing will top Vektor's performance. After the set, I hung around for a bit, talked some more with some with Onioner and Erik from Vektor and then got a show poster signed by the dudes and I got major props on my 3 hippopoticorn moon t-shirt. Something funny that happened was that during the signing madness, David actually signed my poster twice, so fuck yeah, I'm just that cool yo. Ya'll can't match this swag.

I couldn't think of a better last show for me and my two buddies to go to. It'll be long while before the three of us attend a show again, so that also made this show that much more special. If you have any remote opportunity to see Vektor, do all in your power to be at the show. It's worth every penny you drop.

Apocryphon: 7.5/10
Hatchet: 7/10
Vektor: 11/10
5/28 Pentagram/King Woman
7/15 Dragged Into Sunlight/Primitive Man
8/10-12 Migration Fest
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