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Wild Eyes -- San Francisco, CA -- June 17th, 2014

I typed up a detailed gig review but then I hit refresh and lost it all. Boo.

Wild Eyes are a San Francisco favorite right now, they're probably the one of the most badass rock and roll outfits around. The venue was a dive bar called The Knockout and there were two openers, Mondo Drag and Buffalo Tooth. Mondo Drag was like an awesome psychedelic/space/stoner rock band with Doors/Deep Purple-esque keyboards. They were deceptively super cool. Buffalo Tooth were more close to hardcore punk. Not quite my cup of tea, but the crowd liked them a lot.

Anyway, Wild Eyes destroyed with an awesome 45 minute set. They're like if The MC5 had Janis Joplin on vocals. Just totally kickass rock and roll, no frills. Their guitarist also plays in local blackened stoner thrashers Hazzard's Cure and dude killed tonight. He played this crazy hybrid of bluesy licks and metal shredding and it was awesome.

The band played a mix of material from their first album and their upcoming second record. A keyboardist joined in for a few of the new songs and they sounded great. More uptempo than the older stuff and really had that Detroit hard rock bounce. Give 'em a listen here:


01. Demons Out
02. Get Into It
03. 1725
04. Snake
05. Freak
06. Above B.B.
07. Stiff Nites
08. Curtis Knight

Badr Leo showed up at some point and I got to hang with him and Chris WildHazzard on and off throughout the night. Definitely two of the coolest guys you could chill with up in the bay. Chris informed me that my Lucifer's Hammer article made the rounds at home and a lot of the older alumni got a kick out of reading it, which totally made my day haha. I gave Leo a lift home, picked up a burrito and now I'm home. Another killer bar show awaits me in just a couple days. Onioner out.

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Thanks for the bandcamp link...they sound pretty good. I notice that the bass player also plays in Saviours, another very cool Bay Area metal band.
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wild eyes

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