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U2 -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 6th, 2015
Goatwhore -- Ottawa, Ontario -- July 4th, 2015
Corrosion of Conformity -- Barcelona, Spain -- July 2nd, 2015
Van Halen -- Auburn, WA -- July 5th, 2015
Alice Cooper -- Gavle, Sweden -- July 4th, 2015

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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Officially a fan of PWG! Fun stuff.
Welcome to the dark side
I need to travel to Cali sometime to catch a show of theirs, it HAS to happen. The Monster Mafia and Beaver Boys are a couple of my favorite tag teams now. I wasn't too stoked for their matches at first since I had no idea who they were, but now...

I really need to catch Beast in the East, even if just for the Balor/Owens match. I read an article on that match that had to be written by the biggest idiot ever. "The fans poked fun at ROH by throwing streamers in the ring during Balor's entrance" .... .... that's what Japanese Fans started...

I watched abuot 2/3 of Summerslam 2010, when the Nexus was super hot. I don't recall anything from this era, I think I definitely checked out for a while around this time. I remember the Straight Edge Society, but not with Joey Mercury in it. They seemed like a great faction, def should have lasted longer! The Nexus seems pretty great too. Completely interferring in the opening match, good stuff! Also watched Survivor Series 2009, not bad! They really had a fire under Kofi's ass and pushed him, sad to see it really didn't go anywhere.
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The Beast In The East was nothing special except for Balor and Owens. Seems odd that they would go all the way to Japan and put on something that forgettable overall.

Neville and Jericho was good but i'm not sure why everyone is praising it so much like it's a match of the year contender. Maybe i'm spoiled by watching New Japan and ROH but the match was solid but not anything you couldn't see on raw or at a house show.

I also have an issue with Jericho going over. It reminds me of what Punk said on Cabana's podcast when he was told that The Rock and Taker would be going over him and how it didn't make sense because he was gonna be the one still working a full time schedule and not them. That's how I felt here. Jericho won't be on raw tonight but Neville more than likely will be. Give him the win and use it to push the younger guy who will be on TV every week. Jericho didn't need the win to be kept strong for anything but the win would have done a lot for Neville who's booking hasn't been that good since coming to the main roster.

The divas match was not very good and it had everything to do with Tamina. Holy shit is she slow as fuck and did not know what she's doing. She seemed as lost as a rookie in the ring for the first time. Even the pinfall was fucked up as it looked like she was supposed to kick out but didn't do it in time. My sympathies to both Paige and Nikki who have both worked hard over the last year having to put up with that crap.

Brock destroyed Kofi as we all expected. I knew it would be a dominate win for him. Honestly, that's all anyone wants to see from Brock. If he doesn't destroy Rollins at the next PPV the same way he destroyed Cena at summerslam last year, then I don't know what the hell they're thinking? If Cena can't beat him, what hope does Rollins have?

Balor and Owens was excellent. There really isn't anything more to say about it. Owens was awesome at heeling it up throughout the match and Balor was great at selling the emotion of the win. Balor just needs to learn to not do any form of the double foot stomp earlier in his matches because it ruins the impact of his finisher. I can't remember if he did it in this match but i've seen him do it in NXT before and it's the only gripe I have with his ring work.

Now, Owens is free to get the US title and Balor will probably feud with Rhyno, Breeze and maybe Baron Corbin over the title. I read a rumor that Balor could go heel by admitting he was the one that injured Itami but I just don't see it. He's way too popular right now and has too much upside as a hugely marketable face both for NXT and when he gets to the main roster. I would be easier to turn Joe or Itami heel going up against him I think.
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Just as a lot of people expected, Austin Aries is returning to ROH. Certainly a step up career wise for him.

I don't think anyone can deny that ROH is the number two wrestling promotion in the US and has been for a while. TNA has just slipped too much over the course of the last couple years while ROH slowly but surely makes little steps each year to grow their brand. ROH does house shows and a handful of PPVs now while TNA just does TV tapings. ROH has a working relationship with New Japan the second biggest wrestling promotion in the world, while TNA has one with a promotion more lowly than they are in GFW. ROH has got TV deals with two separate companies while TNA may not have a TV contract come the fall. Finally, having a lot of guys who are currently on the main WWE roster and being a breeding ground for future WWE guys certainly raises their profile as well.

ROH won't take over WWE ever but it's nice to not have such a poorly run company like TNA as the second biggest wrestling promotion in the US. ROH have done nothing but slowly, little by little raise their profile over the last few years. TNA on the other hand has done everything to make theirs nonexistent.
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So not all the links work for the PWG shows PWG All Star Weekend 9 looked fucking amazing too :'(

Well I saw PWG 11:

Romero vs Ciampa 7/10 Solid opener. Good pace.

Alexander vs ACH 7/10 Wow thought this would be a clinic was I wrong was just match between two dudes pondering to the crowd. Couldve been amazing instead just decent.

Best Friends vs Borgin and Gargano 7.5/10 Good tag match with some fun spots. Elgin does nothing for me but Gargano was cool. Dat finish was nuts.

Lee vs Steen 10/10 the match 8/10 Steen is a god, plain and simple. The dude was meant to be a wrestler. From the opening segment to post speech I was The match itself was good hard hitting and Lee just sold like crazy. Fun Stuff.

Kazarian vs Spanky 7.5/10 Nice little match here. Always thought Franky was overrated but he and Spanky looked great for 35. Sweet sequences and finish for the last third of the match.

Cole vs Strong 8.5/10 Great match. This is what wrestling is about shouldve gone longer though.

O'reilly vs Hero 5/10 What the fuck was this. Talk about disappointing. Hero was just a slow fuck in this match. Thought it was gonna be batshit crazy hard hitting brawl but nope just a 40 min snoozer.

Young Bucks vs Team Sleeze Segment 10/10 Match 9/10 Holy crap this match was freaking crazy. Steen on commentary only made it funner he is officially one of my faves ever. The wrestling was nuts, the spots were nuts, and there was some humor. Just disagree with the blatant blade job from Candice sorry chica after peeps getting STDs/HIVS from bleeding in the ring that shit need to stop unless it happens from going hard in the ring.

Some of Kevin commentary:

"NICK! NIIIICK! Hey NIIIICK!" as The Bucks fought near him.

Women shouting whats going on? Kevin "They are wrestling lady!"

Everytime Kevin giggled I cracked up especially when Ryan took that first garbage can shot.

"Jelly beans are so stupid but delicious."

"He just suplexed him into chairs and Jelly BEANS!"

"She is dead. There is a dead women in the building!"

Mount Rushmore ended this night and Steen left to join El Generico to help the orphans, pretty sure they are getting paid pretty well.

Overall 8/10 Decent event with some solid matches and moments. Steen and the 3 strong matches made it a fun watch though.

Hopefully they do a toruney to crown a new number 1 contender. Hopefully Crowe and Uhaa get some good ring time now that Owens will be full time main roster talent. Time to give Joe, Breeze, Rhino, and Corbin more TV time.

Aries is back to ROH baby! Big announcement maybe he is doing a farewell tour or something still hope he goes to NXT that would be dope.

Heard Dominion was amazing and on par with Wrestle Kingdom
Peeps giving Aj Styles vs Okada 5 stars!

What EVOLVE show is must watch?

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This episode of Raw not sponsored by Cadillac.
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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
This episode of Raw not sponsored by Cadillac.
I was at Raw tonight since it was in Chicago.

Brock destorying that car was amazing.

Cena v Cesaro was really good actually and alot of moves I didn't expect from either.

Cena did a pipebomb after Raw went off air about his first match being here in 2002, giving it your all in ring, how cesaro is great, how cesaro has given him some of hardest matches, how cesaro shouldnt give up if he isnt getting that current push and how the fans should be the main reason he pushes himself.
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Say what you want about America - 13 bucks can still get you a hell of a lot of mice!
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Brief Raw thoughts:

Wasn't great but had its moments. The Lesnar/Cadillac thing was hilarious. This whole Owens/Cena/Cesaro feud is great. Hopefully this finally gets Cesaro the push he's deserved the last year. Best main of event this year. Why is that? The main event was actually "wrestling", God forbid. The US Title really makes the IC title look like shit now (really that's been the case for awhile now). Please put Cesaro vs whomever wins title at the PPV. Build up for the Wyatt/Reigns feud has been great. Liking Wyatt more every week. Match will probably suck in comparison.
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