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Megadeth -- Milwaukee, WI -- July 19, 2013
Family Values Tour -- Denver, CO-- November 11th, 2001
Judas Priest -- Salt Lake City, UT -- November 12th, 1990
Korn -- Denver, CO -- July 29th, 2002
Queen + Adam Lambert - Toronto, ON - July 28th, 2014

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Tru Tv should be jumping all over this shit!
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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I should have worded that differently. I know plenty of promotions do ippvs but I was thinking more along the lines of something that has weekly shows but they do it all through a website or streaming service. To my knowledge there's no promotions doing something like that.
So, you've missed all this talk about a thing called the WWE network then? Main Event, Superstars and NXT are all new weekly wrestling shows that are aired on it, plus the monthly PPV.

TNA is far too deep in the hole financially to start running their shows on the internet weekly. The WWE will lose 40-50 million this year because of the network launch. If TNA tried to do something similar, it would end them. Also, good old, regular TV is still the best way to reach the most people. Maybe it's because I grew up with cable TV but I don't like having to watch TV shows through an online streaming service. My TV feed never goes out when i'm watching something on it. But an online streaming one (I'm looking at you WWE network) has before and no doubt will again. TNA needs a TV deal, they are not big enough nor organized enough to run an online streaming network. I doubt their management is competent enough to know how to go about even starting one.
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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
The TV deal ends right before Bound For Glory. Maybe Russo can book Dixie in a "TV Deal on a Pole" match.
I don't want a slim LED tv. I want one of those out of the 80s with the fake wood casing cabinet all around it that are like 300 pounds.

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I keep reading interviews with wrestlers and they keep bringing up "The Streak" and it makes me rage and rage and rage!

That was such a dumb move. It did NOTHING to help Lesnar's career. I honestly feel it would have done more for his career if he would have lost, went away for a while, then come back as an even bigger monster and destroy.
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