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Krisiun -- Montreal, Quebec -- May 3rd, 2013

Venue: Foufounes Électriques
Opening band: Starkill

As most of you must know, this was originally supposed to be Hypocrisy's End of Disclosure tour with also Aborted, but due to visa issues (again...) those two bands had to cancel their flights to North America. Fortunately, Krisiun and Arsis decided to carry the torch of the tour by themselves (with the help of unknown openers Starkill and Autumn's End) and Hypocrisy are already planning a comeback for late 2013. In Montreal, the opener was one of the new generic Century Media recruits: Starkill. The promoters had decided to still make the show go on at 7:00 pm, so me and my friend decided to enjoy our supper instead of rushing downtown to catch a very ordinary melodic death/power metal band. We arrived a bit before 8:00, right in time to get our partial refunds (they gave you back 10$ out of the 23,50$ you payed if you decided to stay for the concert) and to climb up to catch Arsis' first song.

Obliviously, the crowd wasn't that thick; a lot of people had decided to get their full refunds since the bands they wanted to see were not coming anymore, but it was not so bad, the place didn't feel empty like it felt for shows like Threat Signal or Misery Index a few years ago. For myself, I was pretty excited to finally get to see Arsis, because I had unintentionally missed all of their recent appearances in our town. Let's say I got what I bargained for. The virginian band energetically opened with the thrashing "Handbook for the Recently Diseased" from their new record, which they strongly suggested us to buy. What was cool was that they gave a vinyl copy of the Lepers Caress EP to anyone who bought Unwelcome or a t-shirt. I would have, but I'm really short on money these days (I actually have 100$ left for my personal expenses until I get my job back at the end of the month...). Anyway, Arsis were on fire. Their bassist moved like a turbulent child, whipping his venerable hair all across the place, while James Malone shredded the fuck out of his guitar. Seriously, this guy is one of the most impressive live musicians I've had the chance to witness: the riffing he plays is extremely fast and complex and on top of that he has to keep up singing the fast-paced and abondent lyrics he wrote for the songs. All this while keeping an aggressive stage presence. The new musicians he recruited to record Unwelcome were also impressively tight: the new guitarist nailed those solos brilliantly and the drumming was at its best in terms of precision and percussion it the whole history of Arsis. The band got a well deserved warm reaction from the crowd; they had some chants and a lot of yelling and headbanging. There were some (small, but still fun) pits too, the funnest ones being in their face-melting concise version of "A Diamond for Disease" and in "The Promise of Never" from the same EP. Finally hearing the classic "Face of My Innocence" live was something too.

The main reason why I chose not to get my full refund was to see Arsis, but you can't say no to a Krisun performance. I had already seen them twice, but this time they were at their best. They started things up with a brutal rendition of "Ominous" in front of a fairly thin crowd, that thicked up after a few songs, once again proving that the power trio formula is a winning one when it comes to live intensity for a death metal band (think of Dying Fetus) when the three musicians know their roles well and know eachother well. In this case, I doubt this was a problem, because the three brazilian brothers have been playing toghether in this setup for more than two decades. To sum things up, this Krisiun set felt like a wave of rocks coming down on your face. Their anti-musical approach to songwriting, probably due to the fact that they never took music lessons, only make it more aggressive. This, coupled with Alex's charisma (and accent), make very entertaining shows. Krisiun's frontman can be very funny sometimes. For example, what he noticed Max Duhamel from Kataklysm in the crowd he didn't stop yelling things like "Fucking Max!", "Mister Max!" and "Max representing Kataklysm! Let's get drunk!" with his low, throaty voice and it was hilarious. I have to give him an honorable mention too for the Vengeful shirt he wore; represent quality death metal! This set also had a few surprises, like their cover of Motörhead's "No Class" that was dedicated to Jeff Hanneman - R.I.P. - and the face-ripping opener of 2000's Conquerors of Armageddon, in which Alex and Moyses exchanged vocals with military precision at a machine gun speed. The crowd was left stunned, only to be hit by the sledgehammer that is "Bloodcraft" and to be finished off with a more violent than ever version of "Kings of Killing" with ragings pits. Surprisingly (or maybe not that much), The audience still wanted more and kept screaming for the band to come back; what they did. Alex simply asked us "You guys want to hear Hatred Inherit or Black Force Domain?". Just look a few lines down (or keep reading) and you'll see the answer. The storm of evil nonesense and brutality that is the title track to their 1995 debut album was the last nail in the coffin; making this show totally memorable with pits that raged once again. Even if you were disappointed by Hypocrisy's cancellation, I highly recommend that you attend this tour.


Handbook for the Recently Deceased
Maddening Disdain
Servants of the Night
A Diamond for Disease
Six Coffins Wide
Carve My Cross
The Promise of Never
The Face of My Innocence


Combustion Inferno
The Will to Potency
Vicious Wrath
Sentenced Morning
Descending Abomination
Vengeance's Revelation
No Class (Motörhead cover)
Kings of Killing


Black Force Domain
8/6 - SubRosa

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Krisiun is so great and powerful live!
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I really hope attendance is decent for the Winnipeg show. We have a fickle, lame, and cheap group here! I for one am really looking forward to seeing Krisiun again.
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I was curious about Starkill, but it looks like Arsis played pretty much what they did in Fredneck
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arsis, krisiun

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