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Kiss -- Portsmouth, VA -- August 12th, 2013

This was my fourth time seeing Kiss and it was the closest Iíve ever been, I managed to grab a ticket in the fourth row center of the pit. The venue they played at was surprisingly small and, despite that, didnít sell all that well. The first band, Leogun, wasnít terrible but they werenít anything really special either. Kiss came out with a boom as usual and descended from the roof using the giant spider lighting rig that they have. I thought it looked really cool. Throughout the night they would get on it to rise above the audience or it would move around and spray steam or pyro effects. The band themselves sounded really good and put on a great performance despite the small crowd. I thought Paul sounded much, much better than the last two times I saw him in 2010 and 2012.

I really liked hearing Heavenís On Fire for the first time and War Machine is a really great live song. Kiss is one of those bands for me where the hits havenít got sort of old yet either so tracks like Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, and I Was Made For Lovin You are still really exciting. Opening with Psycho Circus was interesting but the crowd didnít seem so into it, it was nice to hear something different though. I also enjoyed God of Thunder and Black Diamond a lot. Geneís bloody towel fell near me when he threw it out after he had flown above the audience but it wasnít quite close enough to snag. I had one pick hit me in the neck but I lost it among all the white confetti that they shot out at the end of the set.

Overall a really great show and either the best or 2nd best show Iíve ever seen from Kiss.

1. Psycho Circus
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
4. I Love It Loud
5. Hell or Hallelujah
6. War Machine
7. Heaven's on Fire
8. Calling Dr. Love
9. Say Yeah
10. Shock Me / Outta This World / Guitar and Drum Solos
11. Bass Solo / God Of Thunder
12. Lick It Up
13. Love Gun
14. Black Diamond
15. Detroit Rock City
16. I Was Made for Lovin' You
17. Rock and Roll All Nite
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Haha, Gene throws the towel into the crowd? I know it's fake blood but I don't know if I would pick that thing up. Not to mention the sweat and saliva.
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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
I thought Paul sounded much, much better than the last two times I saw him in 2010 and 2012.
Tuning down a full step is a wonderful thing. Not only does it help out the vocalist, but I often find that I enjoy songs written in standard or half step down more when they're down a full step.
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