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BLED Fest -- Howell, MI -- May 28th, 2016
44 Fest -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 28th, 2016
Maryland Deathfest 2016 Day 3 -- Baltimore, MD -- May 28th, 2016
Zakk Wylde -- Luxembourg City, Luxembourg -- May 28th, 2016
Sevendust -- Flint, MI -- May 24th, 2016

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Old 10-29-2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by OraclesofAgony View Post
I was soaking wet at the end even without the jacket.
Me too. And I was wearing my white wife beater.
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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Old 10-29-2013, 05:34 PM
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Setlist Breaks my (black) Heart

Attended last nights show and was pretty disappointed with the setlist. Cool that they played so many old jams from the days before Reign in Blood, and crushed that they wasted my time with songs after Seasons.

It was an odd mix, and it makes me wonder who they were targeting. I feel like none of the old school fans give a shit about "Disciple" and "World Painted Blood", and none of the people who like those songs know the old shit anyway.

The most disappointing part was that they played only 3 songs off Reign in Blood, and any clown could guess which three. Plus they broke apart the "Postmortem" into "Raining Blood" combo, which should be illegal.

To me, it seems like they tried to blend a setlist for the old school fans and for less informed fans, and therefore played a mediocre set.

To be fair, the only reason I'm so bitter is because Slayer fuckin' rocks. But they earned that high standard, and their job is to live up to it.

Last night, they did not.
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Old 10-30-2013, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by macveezy View Post
Plus they broke apart the "Postmortem" into "Raining Blood" combo, which should be illegal.
This X 1000000, they did this both times I saw them and it annoys the hell out of me. The Postmortem/Raining Blood seque worked awesomely on Reign in Blood and I have no idea why they separate it live. They have been doing it forever since they are even separated on the 1990 live album.
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gojira, slayer

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