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Old 06-09-2014, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Cross Face Chicken Wing View Post
So I took a nap on Saturday afternoon, and when I woke up, it was 1999 and Static X was playing the entire Wisconsin Death Trip album and American Head Charge rose from the dead and it was all happening in Minneapolis!

Apparently, I also thought I could drink like 17-year-old me from 1999 instead of the old man I am today. I kept track of both bands' setlists on my phone, but must have accidentally deleted them after my 14th PBR tallboy. So if anyone has sets from each band, please add them to the thread.


American Head Charge
*They were disorganized and out of sorts like they usually are. They also sounded really damn good, like they usually do.
*This was the first time I've seen them in like eight years. Some YouTube footage I've watched of recent performances hasn't been too flattering, but they sounded just as good as I remembered them on Saturday.
*Of course, it's not an AHC show without drama. Early in the set, one of the guitarists left the stage due to what appeared to be technical issues. The other guitarist walked off later in the set after diving into the crowed and getting pissed about something. The drummer also seemed annoyed at times.
*The singer threw ham sandwiches into the audience and the bass player launched his bass into the crowd for no apparent reason, then begged to get it back.
*They opened with "A Violent Reaction." They also played "Just so you Know," "Nothing Gets Nothing," "Seamless," another song off The War of Art I can't remember, "Sugars of Someday" and a some newer songs I don't care about.
*Didn't AHC used to have two keyboardists that looked like freaks? On Saturday, they only had one keyboardist who had short hair with a balding dome, a trimmed beard and he wore khakis. He looked like he worked at Target.

Static X
*Wayne Static just sounds weird. It's still Static X to me.
*Oh man, this was a fun time. Wisconsin Death Trip in its entirety mixed in with Wayne's naked wife running onto the stage to deliver shots, pills and dance awkwardly!
*Whenever I've seen Static X over the years, I always think to myself, "Ok, I've seen these guys too many times already. Why am I going to see them again?" Then when the show ended, I always had a much better time than I thought I would. It was the same thing on Saturday.
*Non WDT songs included "Dirthouse," "Cold," "Crusher Destroyer," "Get to the Gone," "Assassins of Youth" and maybe one or two more that I can't remember.
*Seriously, WTF is with Static's wife doing interpretive dances and baton twirling in her underwear during the show? Actually, I didn't mind it too much. I'd rather look at her than Static's ugly mug, I guess.

More random observations
*I was curious how many people would be at a show headlined by two acts from the Nu Metal era. I'd guess there was slightly more than 1,000 people in the place. A solid turnout.
*Of course, the hometown AHC was REALLY popular here back in the day. I can remember to going X Fest and AHC would have 20,000 people at Float Rite Park trying to murder each other. All the national acts were usually upstaged by this weird group of dudes from Minneapolis.
*AHC got a slightly better reaction than Static, but it was pretty close.
*The Skyway Theater had really good sound, at least up in the balcony where I was. It was my first time in the venue and, overall, I liked it. It's no First Ave., but it'll do.
Cool review. Hopefully the setlists hit the other sites or someone posts them here. I actually enjoy AHC more these days than I did back then. The latest EP was solid and songs like Never Get Caught and Seamless get better with every listen to me.
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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
2 Hit songs over 1 Hit song I guess is bigger.
I think Jet ended up having a couple hits, like atleast 5 because more than one album got airplay around here and the first record had atleast 3 hits
Suicide Machines
Guns N Roses/Alice in Chains
Hollywood Vampires
Disturbed/Breaking Benjamin
Rob Zombie/KoRn
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Let's not kid ourselves, it was 2. Thanks to the iPod.
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american head charge, wayne static

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