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Cannibal Corpse -- Atlanta, GA -- February 12th, 2016
Skid Row -- Uncasville, CT -- February 13th, 2016
Kiss -- Sioux Falls, SD -- February 11th, 2016
The Winery Dogs -- Barcelona, Spain -- February 10th, 2016
At the Gates -- Orlando, FL -- February 10th, 2016

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For my dream metal festival, I'm going to call it: Bang your head 'till it bleeds, a nod to Metallica's Whiplash....I'm make it a 3 day Festival and have it at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA where Coachella and the Big 4 was held, and have it in April so it ain't too hot

Day 1

1. Hell Awaits
2. The Anti-Christ
3. War Ensemble
4. Blood Red
5. Hallowed Point
6. Necrophiliac
7. At Dawn They Sleep
8. Expendable Youth
9. Postmortem
10. Altar of Sacrifice
11. Jesus Saves
12. Die by the Sword
13. Spirit in Black
14. Mandatory Suicide
15. Chemical Warfare
16. Ghosts of War
17. Seasons in the Abyss
18. Silent Scream
19. Dead Skin Mask
20. Raining Blood
22. Black Magic
23. South of Heaven
24. Angel of Death

1. Set the World Afire
2. Wake Up Dead
3. Hangar 18
4. In My Darkest Hour
5. 44 Minutes
6. Killing is My Business...and Business is Good!
7. Head Crusher
8. Gears of War
9. Reckoning Day
10. Train of Consequences
11. Sweating Bullets
12. The Conjuring
13. Five Magics
14. Tornado of Souls
15. Good Mourning/Black Friday
16. Hook in Mouth
17. Symphony of Destruction
18. Peace Sells
19. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
20. Angry Again

Ghost BC

1. Infestitssuman
2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
3. Elizabeth
4. Prime Mover
5. Depth of Satan's Eyes
6. Con Clavi Con Dio
7. Body and Blood
8. Death Knell
9. I'm a Marionette
10. Stand By Him
11. Genesis
12. Year Zero
13. Ritual
14. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen
15. If You Have Ghosts
16. Monstrance Clock

Rob Zombie
1. Sawdust in the Blood
2. American Witch
3. Demon Speeding
4. Jesus Frankenstein
5. Feel So Numb
6. Scum of the Earth
7. Creature of the Wheel
8. Living Dead Girl
9. Demonoid Phenomenon
10. Meet the Creeper
11. The Devil's Rejects
12. Lords of Salem
13. More Human than Human
14. Thunder Kiss '65
15. Dragula


2. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
3. I Ejaculate Fire
4. Crush the Industry
5. Hatredcopter
6. Birthday Deathday
7. Murmaider
8. Murmaider II: The Water God
9. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
10. Better Metal Snake
11. Detharmonic
12. Castratikron
13. Go Fourth and Die
14. Fansong


Day 2

Amon Amarth
Machine Head

Day 3

Iron Maiden
System of a Down
Linkin Park

Everyone gets a headlining type set, 'cause

Maybe when I have a ton of free time I'll add setlists
02/15-Black Sabbath
02/23-Megadeth, ST, COB, Havok
03/29-The Who
04/13-Iron Maiden
05/07-Amon Amarth

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M3 Rock Festival 2015
Day 1:
1.Kix Are For Kids
2.Rock & Roll Overdose
3.Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT
4.Get It While It's Hot
5.Layin' Rubber
6.The Itch
7.Girl Money
8.Don't Close Your Eyes
9.For Shame
10.Blow My Fuse
11.Yeah Yeah Yeah
12.Midnite Dynamite
13.Cold Blood

Damn Yankees:
1.Rock City
2.Don't Tread On Me
3.Damn Yankees
4.Free For All (Ted Nugent Song)
6.Where You Goin' Now
7.Come Again
8.Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (Styx song)
9.Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Night Ranger song)
10.High Enough
11.Coming Of Age

1.Love Ain't Easy
2.Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
3.Gimme Gimme
4.We All Die Young
5.She's Gone (Lady)
6.Everybody Loves Eileen
7.I'll Never Let You Go
8.Down N' Dirty

Nasty Habit:
2.Saturday Night
4.Hip Shakin' Fox
5.What You Need
6.Money Hungry

Day 2:
1.Last Look At Eden
2.Not Supposed To Sing The Blues
4.Wasted Time
5.More Than Meets The Eye
7.Start From The Dark
8.Scream Of Anger
9.Rock The Night
10.Prisoners In Paradise
11.The Final Countdown

1.Cry Tough
2.I Want Action
3.Back To The Rockin' Horse
4.Look What The Cat Dragged In
5.Ride The Wind
6.Nothin' But A Good Time
7.Every Rose Has Its Thorn
8.Your Mama Don't Dance
9.Talk Dirty To Me
10.Something To Believe In
11.Unskinny Bop
12.Fallen Angel

1.Boy's Night Out
2.Never Say Never
3.Headed For Nowhere
4.Allied Forces
5.Lay It On The Line
6.Never Surrender
7.Hold On
8.Magic Power
9.I Live For The Weekend
10.Fight The Good Fight
11.Rock & Roll Machine

The Big Welcome
1.Inside The Electric Circus
2.I Don't Need No Doctor
3.On Your Knees
4.Docter Rockter
5.The Headless Children
6.Wild Child
7.Hold On To My Heart/Forever Free
8.L.O.V.E. Machine
9.Blind In Texas
10.I Wanna Be Somebody
11.Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)

The Darkness:
1.One Way Ticket
2.Black Shuck
3.Every Inch Of You
4.Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now
5.Growing On Me
6.Friday Night
7.Is It Just Me?
8.Love Is Only A Feeling
9.I Believe In A Thing Called Love
10.Everybody Have A Good Time

Yngwie Malmsteen:
1.Rising Force
2.You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
4.I'll See The Light Tonight
5.Deja Vu
6.Far Beyond The Sun
7.Black Star
8.Making Love
9.Heaven Tonight
10.Faster Than The Speed Of Light

1.Open Fire
2.Mean Streak
3.Dirty Girl
4.Black Tiger
5.Midnight In Tokyo
6.Winds Of Change
7.Rescue Me
8.Summertime Girls
9.Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

1.Soldier Of Fortune
2.Crazy Doctor
3.This Lonely Heart
4.Let It Go
5.Heavy Chains
6.We Could Be Together
7.The King Of Pain
8.Crazy Nights

1.Riot In Everyone
4.So Alive
6.Cocaine Cowboys
7.Breakin' The Chainz
8.Generation Wild

1.Break The Ice
2.Listen To Your Heart
3.Downhill Racer
4.Everyone's A Star
5.Tonight I'm Falling
6.10,000 Lovers (In One)
7.Seven Seas

Danger Danger:
1.Naughty Naughty
2.Shot O' Love
3.Monkey Business
4.Beat The Bullet
5.Rock In America
6.Bang Bang
7.Crazy Nites

1.Walk On Fire
2.Lay Your Body Down
3.Rescue Me
4.Meet Me In The Night
5.Here's To Hoping It Hurts
6.Forever Young

1.Point Of No Return
2.A Shot At Redemption
3.Beg Beg Beg
4.1000 Miles
6.Living On The Run
7.Keep On Dreaming

Babylon A.D.:
1.Bang Go The Bells
2.Hammer Swings Down
3.The Kid Goes Wild
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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Got bored so here's another unrealistic rock/metal lineup:

Day 1:
Scorpions (headliner)
Whitesnake (co-headliner)
Bryan Adams
The Darkness
Midnight Chaser

Day 2:
Styx (headliner)
Avenged Sevenfold (co-headliner)
Billy Squier
Sonata Arctica
Black Veil Brides
Skull Fist
Heavens Edge

Day 3:
Iron Maiden (headliner)
Boston (co-headliner)
Blind Guardian
The Cult
Amon Amarth
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
Got bored so here's another unrealistic rock/metal lineup:

Day 1:
Scorpions (headliner)
Whitesnake (co-headliner)
Bryan Adams
The Darkness
Yngwie Malmsteen
Midnight Chaser

Day 2:
Styx (headliner)
Avenged Sevenfold (co-headliner)
Sonata Arctica
Black Veil Brides
Skull Fist
Heavens Edge

Day 3:
Iron Maiden (headliner)
Boston (co-headliner)
Blind Guardian
The Cult
Amon Amarth

There are a lot of bands that do not fit well on the same festival lineup...
Not really unrealistic. There are always festivals that just throw a random lineup of bands that don't go well together.
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Originally Posted by HeavyMetalBuffalo View Post
There are a lot of bands that do not fit well on the same festival lineup...
which is what makes it a dream
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue
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Thrash Fest 1992: A Celebration of 10 Years of Thrash

(Bands reunited as necessary)

Day 1

Carnivore 1-1:45 PM

1. Predator
2. Armageddon
3. Angry Neurotic Catholics
4. Race War
5. God Is Dead
6. World Wars III and IV
7. Male Supremacy
8. S.M.D.
9. Carnivore

Atrophy 2-2:45 PM

1. Socialized Hate
2. Process of Elimination
3. Chemical Dependency
4. Killing Machine
5. Too Late To Change
6. Preacher, Preacher
7. In Their Eyes
8. Beer Bong
9. Puppies and Friends
10. Violent By Nature

Sacred Reich 3-3:45 PM

1. Death Squad
2. Love... Hate
3. The American Way
4. Surf Nicaragua
5. Victim of Demise
6. I Don't Know
7. Crimes Against Humanity
8. Administrative Decisions
9. Sacred Reich
10. Who's To Blame
11. Ignorance

Nuclear Assault 4-4:45 PM

1. Sin
2. New Song
3. Critical Mass
4. The Plague
5. My America
6. Brain Death
7. Stranded In Hell
8. Game Over
9. Nightmares
10. (You Figure It Out)
11. Hang The Pope
12. Cold Steel
13. Betrayal

Heathen 5-6 PM

1. Open The Grave
2. Death By Hanging
3. Prisoners of Fate
4. Guitarmony
5. Goblin's Blade
6. Hypnotized
7. Opiate of the Masses
8. Fear of the Unknown
9. Heathen's Song

Death Angel 6:15-7:15 PM

1. Thrashers
2. Bored
3. Mistress of Pain
4. A Room With A View
5. Discontinued
6. Evil Priest
7. Voracious Souls
8. The Ultra-Violence
9. Seemingly Endless Time
10. Kill As One

Exodus 7:30-8:30 PM

1. Bonded By Blood
2. The Last Act of Defiance
3. Impact Is Imminent
4. Fabulous Disaster
5. Only Death Decides
6. Thrash Under Pressure
7. Metal Command
8. Piranha
9. Exodus
10. And Then There Were None
11. The Toxic Waltz
12. A Lesson In Violence
13. Strike of the Beast

Sodom 8:45-9:45 PM

1. Tired and Red
2. The Saw Is The Law
3. Ausgebombt
4. Electrocution
5. Persecution Mania
6. Christ Passion
7. Sodomy & Lust
8. Outbreak of Evil
9. Remember The Fallen
10. Bullet In The Head
11. The Crippler
12. Body Parts
13. Baptism of Fire
14. Agent Orange

Kreator 10-11:15 PM

1. Agents of Brutality
2. Coma of Souls
3. Blind Faith
4. Death Is Your Saviour
5. Tormentor
6. Storming With Menace
7. Betrayer
8. Fatal Energy
9. People of the Lie
10. No Reason To Exist
11. Love Us Or Hate Us
12. Extreme Aggression
13. Terrible Certainty
14. Under The Guillotine
15. Pleasure To Kill
16. Riot of Violence
17. Don't Trust
18. Flag of Hate

Destruction (w/Schmier) 11:30 - 12:45 AM

1. Curse the Gods
2. Life Without Sense
3. Death Trap
4. Black Mass
5. Reject Emotions
6. Mad Butcher
7. Release From Agony
8. Incriminated
9. Our Oppression
10. Invincible Force
11. The Ritual
12. Survive To Die
13. Eternal Ban
14. Total Disaster
15. Bestial Invasion

Slayer 1-2:30 AM

1. Evil Has No Boundaries
2. Die By The Sword
3. Silent Scream
4. Spill The Blood
5. Seasons In The Abyss
6. Blood Red
7. Dead Skin Mask
8. Mandatory Suicide
9. Hell Awaits
10. Kill Again
11. Black Magic
12. War Ensemble
13. South of Heaven
14. Angel of Death
15. Piece By Piece
16. Necrophobic
17. Altar of Sacrifice
18. Jesus Saves
19. Criminally Insane
20. Reborn
21. Epidemic
22. Postmortem
23. Raining Blood

Day 2

Demolition Hammer 2-2:45 PM

1. .44 Caliber Brian Surgery
2. Omnivore
3. Human Dissection
4. Neanderthal
5. Gelid Remains
6. Infectious Hospital Waste
7. Carnivorous Obsession
8. Envenomed
9. Skull Fracturing Nightmare

Artillery 3-3:45 PM

1. In The Trash
2. Back In The Trash
3. Terror Squad
4. Beneath The Clay (R.I.P.)
5. Don't Believe
6. 7:00 From Tashkent/Khomaniac
7. By Inheritance
8. Bombfood

Intruder 4-4:45 PM

1. Cover Up
2. The Martyr
3. N.G.R.I
4. Traitor To The Living
5. Victory In Disguise
6. Geri's Lament (When)
7. Face of Hate
8. Mr. Death

Overkill 5-6 PM

1. Deny The Cross
2. Never Say Never
3. Birth of Tension
4. I Hate
5. Rotten To The Core
6. Feel The Fire
7. Overkill
8. Mad Gone World
9. Wrecking Crew
10. Powersurge
11. Hello From The Gutter
12. Shred
13. Elimination

Anthrax 6:15 - 7:15 PM
1. Metal Thrashing Mad
2. Armed and Dangerous
3. Imitation of Life
4. Lone Justice
5. Medusa
6. Be All, End All
7. Among The Living
8. I Am The Law
9. A.I.R.
10. Caught In A Mosh
11. Indians
12. Madhouse

Razor 7:30-8:30 PM

1. High Speed Metal
2. Hypertension
3. Behind Bars
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Cross Me Fool
6. Speed Merchants
7. Tear Me To Pieces
8. Challenge The Eagle
9. Violent Restitution
10. Thrashdance
11. Legacy of Doom
12. K.M.A.
13. I'll Only Say It Once
14. Tortured Skull
15. Iron Hammer
16. Evil Invaders
17. Cut Throat

Sepultura 8:45-9:45 PM

1. Troops of Doom
2. Antichrist
3. From The Past Comes The Storms
4. Dead Embryonic Cells
5. Desperate Cry
6. Inner Self
7. Slaves of Pain
8. Arise
9. Stronger Than Hate
10. Altered State
11. Beneath the Remains
12. Mass Hypnosis

Megadeth 10-11:15 PM

1. Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
2. The Mechanix
3. In My Darkest Hour
4. Tornado of Souls
5. Dawn Patrol
6. Rust In Peace...Polaris
7. Hook In Mouth
8. Take No Prisoners
9. Wake Up Dead
10. Good Mourning/Black Friday
11. The Conjuring
12. Devil's Island
13. Symphony of Destruction
14. Peace Sells
15. Hangar 18
16. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
17. My Last Words

Metallica 11:30-2 AM

1. Fight Fire With Fire
2. Ride The Lightning
3. Leper Messiah
4. ...And Justice For All
5. Eye of the Beholder
6. Dyers Eve
7. Metal Militia
8. Jump In The Fire
9. Battery
10. Master of Puppets
11. Harvester of Sorrow
12. Fade To Black
13. Whiplash
14. The Four Horsemen
15. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
16. Damage Inc.
17. The Shortest Straw
18. One
19. Disposable Heroes
20. Hit The Lights
21. Wherever I May Roam
22. Phantom Lord
23. Creeping Death
24. Blackened
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
4/13 - Avantasia
5/21 - Alice Cooper
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Setlists for my previous lineup:

Day 1

Midnight Chaser:
1.Lion's Choice
2.Cry Wolf
3.White Denim
4.Awesome Party

1.Future On Hold
2.Leave Everything Behind
6.The Nexus

1.On Eagles Wings
2.The Master Storyteller
4.Absolution Day
6.As The World Bleeds

1.Whisper So Loud
2.Southern Hospitality
3.O God Save Us All
4.Scars Remain
6.Dear X (You Don't Own Me)
7.On My Way Down

1.Rev It Up
2.Ready For The Taking
3.Get You On The Run
4.Take Me On Your Wings
6.World Of Promises
7.Party All Over

1.Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine
2.Easy Come Easy Go
3.Down Incognito
4.Headed For A Heartbreak
5.Can't Get Enough
7.Miles Away

1.Open Fire
2.Mean Streak
3.Don't Stop Runnin'
4.Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
5.Black Tiger
6.Midnight In Tokyo
7.Summertime Girls

Bryan Adams:
1.House Arrest
2.Can't Stop This Thing We Started
4.Cuts Like A Knife
5.She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'
7.Summer Of '69
8.There Will Never Be Another Tonight

The Darkness:
1.One Way Ticket
2.Nothin's Gonna Stop Us
3.Friday Night
4.Growing On Me
5.Is It Just Me?
6.Love Is Only A Feeling
7.With A Woman
8.I Believe In A Thing Called Love
9.Everybody Have A Good Time

1.Wings Of The Storm
2.Give Me All Your Love
3.Fool For Your Lovin'
4.Slide It In
5.Good To Be Bad
6.Is This Love
7.Now You're Gone
8.Here I Go Again
9.Love Ain't No Stranger
10.Still Of The Night

1.Who Is Mr. Madman?
2.Where The Sinners Go
3.Eagle Fly Free
4.If I Could Fly
5.Forever And One (Neverland)
6.Future World
7.Dr. Stein
8.I Want Out

2.Don't Believe Her
3.Bad Boys Running Wild
4.Big City Nights
5.Send Me An Angel
6.Rhythm Of Love
8.Can't Live Without You
9.Wind Of Change
10.The Zoo
11.No One Like You
13.Rock You Like A Hurricane
14.Still Loving You

Day 2

Heavens Edge:
1.Rock Steady
2.Skin To Skin
3.Just Another Fire
4.Find Another Way
5.Can't Catch Me

1.First Night
2.Burning Heart
3.High On You
4.Is This Love
5.Eye Of The Tiger
6.I Can't Hold Back

Skull Fist:
1.Bad For Good
2.Hour To Live
3.Call Of The Wild
4.Head Of The Pack
5.You're Gonna Pay
6.Heavier Than Metal

Sonata Arctica:
1.Flag In The Ground
2.Running Lights
3.Paid In Full
4.Cloud Factory
6.The Cage
7.Don't Say A Word

1.Point Of No Return
2.A Shot At Redemption
3.It's All About Tonight
4.1000 Miles
6.Beg Beg Beg
7.Living On The Run

Black Veil Brides:
1.Shadows Die
2.New Religion
3.I Am Bulletproof
4.The Legacy
5.Nobody's Hero
6.Rebel Love Song
7.Fallen Angels
8.In The End

Billy Squier:
1.In The Dark
2.Lonely Is The Night
3.My Kinda Lover
4.Don't Say You Love Me
5.The Girl's All Right
6.Rock Me Tonite
7.Everybody Wants You
8.The Stroke

1.A Warrior's Call
2.Radio Girl
3.Pearl Hart
4.The Hangman's Body Count
5.Heaven Nor Hell
6.Lola Montez

1.Boy's Night Out
2.Never Say Never
3.Headed For Nowhere
4.Lay It On The Line
5.Magic Power
6.Hold On
7.Rock & Roll Machine
8.Fight The Good Fight
9.Hot Time (In This City Tonight)

Avenged Sevenfold:
2.Beast And The Harlot
3.Shepherd Of Fire
5.Doing Time
7.Seize The Day
8.Coming Home
9.Bat Country
10.Hail To The King
11.Almost Easy

2.Whoever Brings The Night
3.Come Cover Me
4.I Want My Tears Back
5.The Islander
9.Last Ride Of The Day

A.D. 1928
1.Rockin' The Paradise
2.The Grand Illusion
3.Too Much Time On My Hands
4.Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
8.She Cares
9.Crystal Ball
10.Miss America
11.Light Up
12.High Enough (Damn Yankees song)
14.Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
15.Come Sail Away

Day 3

1.Down N' Dirty
2.Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
3.Sticky Side Up
4.I'll Never Let You Go
5.Rock N' Roll (I Just Wanna)

1.Rock On The Radio
2.Overnight Sensation
3.Sleeping With You
4.Don't Treat Me Bad
5.Love Of A Lifetime
6.Reach For The Sky

Hardline (with Neal Schon):
1.Hot Cherie
3.Fever Dreams
5.Dr. Love
6.Rhythm From A Red Car

1.Call To Arms
2.Fighting The World
3.Blood Of My Enemies
4.Gloves Of Metal
5.Carry On
6.Hail And Kill
7.Black Wind, Fire, And Steel

1.The Scythe
3.The Wanderer
4.Pagan Revolution
5.The Winter Wake
6.Black Roses For The Wicked One
7.This Nightmare Will Never End

1.Only The Children
2.Goodbye Elenore
3.Goin' Home
7.Hold The Line
8.Home Of The Brave

The Cult:
1.Wake Up Time For Freedom
2.Fire Woman
4.Lil' Devil
6.Sun King
7.She Sells Sanctuary
8.Love Removal Machine

Within Temptation:
1.Let Us Burn
2.Paradise (What About Us?)
3.Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)
4.Shot In The Dark
5.Ice Queen
7.Mother Earth
8.Covered By Roses

Blind Guardian:
1.Imaginations From The Other Side
2.Welcome To Dying
5.Another Stranger Me
6.A Past And Future Secret
7.The Bard's Song - In The Forest
8.Mirror Mirror
9.Lost In The Twilight Hall

The Launch
1.Cool The Engines
2.Rock & Roll Band
3.Feelin' Satisfied
4.Piece Of Mind
6.Don't Look Back
7.Something About You
8.Hitch A Ride
9.More Than A Feeling
10.Foreplay/Long Time

1.Freak Like Me
2.Love Bites (So Do I)
3.It's Not You
4.Don't Know How To Stop
5.Mz. Hyde
6.I Get Off
7.Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)
8.I Miss The Misery
9.Here's To Us

Iron Maiden:
1.Aces High
2.Can I Play With Madness
3.Flight Of Icarus
4.Infinite Dreams
5.The Number Of The Beast
7.The Trooper
8.The Evil That Men Do
9.22 Acacia Avenue
10.Run To The Hills
11.Wasted Years
12.Fear Of The Dark
13.Iron Maiden
14.Hallowed Be Thy Name
15.Running Free

Day 4
1.Midnight Queen
3.Carry On
5.Rock The Night

1.Forever Young
2.Rescue Me
3.Sail Away
4.Here's To Hoping It Hurts
5.Meet Me In The Night

Harem Scarem:
1.Saviors Never Cry
2.Sentimental Blvd.
4.Slowly Slipping Away
6.Change Comes Around

1.Feet Don't Fail Me Now
2.Oh Carolina
3.Girl Named Tennessee
4.The Outsiders
5.Something Beautiful
6.The Heart
7.Keep Your Eyes Open

1.Wild Child
2.L.O.V.E. Machine
3.The Headless Children
4.Blind In Texas
5.Forever Free
6.I Wanna Be Somebody
7.Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)

Night Ranger:
1.This Boy Needs To Rock
2.Sing Me Away
3.When You Close Your Eyes
4.Four In The Morning (I Can't Take Anymore)
5.High Road
6.Don't Tell Me You Love Me
7.Sister Christian
8.(You Can Still) Rock In America

Pat Benatar:
1.Promises In The Dark
4.Shadows Of The Night
5.Hit Me With Your Best Shot
6.Hell Is For Children
7.Love Is A Battlefield
8.We Belong

Richard Marx:
1.Playing With Fire
3.Nothin' You Can Do About It
5.Take This Heart
6.Should've Known Better
7.Right Here Waiting
8.Don't Mean Nothing

Huey Lewis & The News:
1.The Heart Of Rock & Roll
2.I Want A New Drug
3.Hip To Be Square
4.Do You Believe In Love
5.Stuck With You
6.Jacob's Ladder
7.Perfect World
8.The Power Of Love
9.Back In Time

1.Another Angel Down
3.The Watchmaker's Dream
4.Prelude/Reach Out For For The Light
5.The Scarecrow
6.Dying For An Angel
8.Where Clock Hands Freeze
10.Lost In Space
11.Sign Of The Cross/The Seven Angels

Lore Of The Arcane
1.Riders Of The Storm
2.Heeding The Call
3.Any Means Necessary
4.Blood Bound
5.The Dragon Lies Bleeding
6.Let The Hammer Fall
7.Hearts On Fire
8.Glory To The Brave

Meat Loaf:
1.Runnin' For The Red Light (I Gotta Life)
2.All Revved Up With No Place To Go
3.Blind Before I Stop
4.Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
5.You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
6.Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back
7.Modern Girl
8.Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
9.Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)
10.Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through
11.Paradise By The Dashboard Light
12.Everything Louder Than Everything Else
13.Bat Out Of Hell
14.I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
15.Dead Ringer For Love

Added another day because I can.
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue

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A four day Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Festival

Day 1:
Void Of Sleep
Karma To Burn
Electric Wizard

Day 2:
Acid King
Red Fang
Witch Mountain
Novembers Doom
Royal Thunder
My Dying Bride
Black Sabbath

Day 3:
Pale Divine
Southern Whiskey Rebellion
Seventh Void
Grand Magus
The Melvins

Day 4:
Black Cobra
Corrosion Of Conformity
High On Fire
The Sword

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New Wave of Thrash Fest:

Alcoholator 4:00-4:30 PM

1. Alcoholator
2. Drink Beer... Or Die Trying
3. Wasting Your Time (Wasting All The Time)
4. Liquid Thrash
5. The Chamber
6. Catastrophic Violence
7. Break The Wall
8. Abduction

Razormaze 4:45-5:15 PM

1. Dawn of the Shred
2. Without Words
3. Something Like A War
4. Worshipping The Void
5. Terminal Escape
6. Electric Deception

Ultra-Violence 5:30-6:00 PM

1. 10'000 Ways to Spread My Hate
2. The Voodoo Cross
3. L.F.D.Y
4. Order of the Black
5. You're Dead
6. The Beast Behind Your Back

Invection 6:15-6:45 PM

1. Derealization
2. Invection
3. Two Faced Lie
4. Noetic Affliction
5. Solace In Mediocrity
6. Impulsive Violence
7. Formication

Lost Society 7:00-7:30 PM

1. Lethal Pleasure
2. Braindead Metalhead
3. Terror Hungry
4. Bitch, Out My Way
5. Tyrant Takeover
6. Trash All Over You
7. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)

Lich King 7:45-8:30 PM

1. All Hail
2. We Came to Conquer
3. Behaver
4. Black Metal Sucks
5. Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of the Beast
6. Ed-209
7. In The End, Devastation
8. Combat Mosh
9. Lich King III (World Gone Dead)
10. Act of War

Bonded By Blood 8:45-9:30 PM

1. 600 A.B. (After The Bomb)
2. Shepherds of Rot
3. Crawling In The Shadows
4. Self Immolation
5. Exiled To Earth
6. Mind Pollution
7. Prototype: Death Machine
8. Immortal Life
9. I Can't Hear You
10. Episodes of Aggression
11. Prison Planet

Gama Bomb 9:45-10:30 PM

1. Zombie Blood Nightmare
2. New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.
3. Backwards Bible
4. Terrorscope
5. Thrashaholic
6. Zombi Brew
7. We Respect You
8. Escape From Scarecrow Mountain
9. Mussolini Mosh
10. We Started The Fire
11. Slam Anthem
12. Sentenced To Thrash
13. Bullet Belt
14. Evil Voices
15. Hammer Slammer
16. Global Warning

Evile 10:45-12:00 AM

1. Infected Nation
2. Origin of Oblivion
3. Skull
4. Head of the Demon
5. Cult
6. Eternal Empire
7. Plague To End All Plagues
8. In Memoriam
9. Long Live New Flesh
10. Words of the Dead
11. What You Become
12. Now Demolition
13. In Dreams of Terror
14. Enter The Grave
15. Thrasher

Warbringer 12:15-2:00 AM

1. Living Weapon
2. Living In A Whirlwind
3. Iron City
4. Scars Remain
5. Instruments of Torture
6. Senseless Life
7. Future Ages Gone
8. Towers of the Serpent
9. Horizon
10. Turning of the Gears
11. Shattered Like Glass
12. Abandoned By Time
13. Combat Shock
14. Shadow From The Tomb
15. One-Dimension
16. Black Sun, Black Moon
17. Severed Reality
18. Wake Up...Destroy
19. Off With Their Heads!
20. Enemies of the State
21. Prey For Death
22. Scorched Earth
23. Forgotten Dead
24. Jackal
25. Hunter-Seeker
26. Total War
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
4/13 - Avantasia
5/21 - Alice Cooper
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Old School Death Fest

Unleashed 2:00-2:30 PM

1. To Asgaard We Fly
2. Fimbulwinter
3. Where Life Ends
4. Odalheim
5. Courage Today, Victory Tomorrow
6. Dead Forever
7. As Yggdrasil Trembles

Suffocation 2:45-3:15 PM

1. Pierced From Within
2. Depths of Depravity
3. Jesus Wept
4. Mass Obliteration
5. Infecting The Crypts
6. Liege of Inveracity

Obituary 3:30-4:15 PM

1. Redneck Stomp
2. Chopped In Half
3. Don't Care
4. World Demise
5. The End Complete
6. 'til Death
7. Internal Bleeding
8. Infected
9. Intoxicated
10. Cause of Death
11. Slowly We Rot

Immolation 4:30-5:15 PM

1. No Jesus, No Beast
2. Christ's Cage
3. Father, You're Not A Father
4. Passion Kill
5. Majesty and Decay
6. Kingdom of Conspiracy
7. A Glorious Epoch
8. Of Martyrs and Men
9. Close To A World Below

Autopsy 5:30-6:30 PM

1. Charred Remains
2. Service For A Vacant Coffin
3. Savagery
4. Deep Crimson Dreaming
5. Dirty Gore Whore
6. She Is A Funeral
7. Sadistic Gratification
8. Seeds of the Doomed
9. Parasitic Eye
10. My Corpse Shall Rise
11. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
12. Gasping For Air

Morbid Angel 6:45-8:00 PM

1. Immortal Rites
2. Angel of Disease
3. Eyes To See, Ears To Hear
4. Dominate
5. Summoning Redemption
6. Secured Limitations
7. Suffocation
8. Bleed For The Devil
9. Rapture
10. Where The Slime Live
11. Ageless, Still I Am
12. Blades For Baal
13. Evil Spells
14. Visions From The Dark Side
15. Lord of All Fevers And Plague
16. Chapel of Ghouls
17. Maze of Torment

Cannibal Corpse 8:15-9:30 PM

1. Severed Head Stoning
2. Savage Butchery
3. Blowtorch Slaughter
4. Perverse Suffering
5. Intestinal Crank
6. Evisceration Plague
7. Shatter Their Bones
8. Mangled
9. The Pick-Axe Murders
10. I Will Kill You
11. Dead Human Collection
12. The Bleeding
13. Born In A Casket
14. The Time To Kill Is Now
15. Hatchet To The Head
16. Dormant Bodies Bursting
17. Force Fed Broken Glass
18. The Cryptic Stench
19. Put Them To Death
20. Innards Decay
21. Staring Through The Eyes of the Dead
22. Stripped, Raped, and Strangled
23. Hammer Smashed Face

Deicide 9:45-11:45

1. Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon
2. Blame It On God
3. Bible Basher
4. Homage For Satan
5. Hang In Agony Until You're Dead
6. Even The Gods Can Bleed
7. Thou Begone
8. Lunatic of God's Creation
9. Deicide
10. Revocate The Agitator
11. Trifixion
12. Kill The Christian
13. Sacrificial Suicide
14. Scars of the Crucifix
15. To Hell With God
16. Trample The Cross
17. Once Upon The Cross
18. This Is Hell We're In
19. The Truth Above
20. Halls of Warship
21. In Torment In Hell
22. Fuck Your God
23. End the Wrath of God
24. Oblivious To Evil
25. When Satan Rules His World
26. Creatures of Habit
27. Father Baker's
28. They Are Children of the Underworld
29. Bastard of Christ
30. Serpents of the Light
31. In The Minds of Evil
32. Godkill
33. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
34. Slave To The Cross
35. Dead But Dreaming
36. Dead By Dawn

Death 12:00 - 2:30 AM

1. Overactive Imagination
2. Trapped In A Corner
3. Zero Tolerance
4. Without Judgment
5. Spirit Crusher
6. Lack of Comprehension
7. Secret Face
8. Choke On It
9. Genetic Reconstruction
10. Evil Dead
11. Scream Bloody Gore
12. Forgotten Past
13. Spiritual Healing
14. Sacred Serenity
15. 1,000 Eyes
16. Flattening of Emotions
17. Living Monstrosity
18. Leprosy
19. Open Casket
20. Altering The Future
21. The Philosopher
22. Scavenger of Human Sorrow
23. Defensive Personalities
24. Symbolic
25. Empty Words
26. Bite The Pain
27. Crystal Mountain
28. Suicide Machine
29. Pull The Plug
30. Zombie Ritual
3/4 - Voivod, Vektor
4/13 - Avantasia
5/21 - Alice Cooper
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